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Welcome to SEO Relation – This blog is founded by Jackson Milla, Our goal on this project we are providing the concept of blogging and online business. On this website, you will find the content which related to blogging and makes money online. You will able learning how to build your online business with simple and easy steps to follow.

SEO Relation will answer commons questions such as:

  • How to start A blog?
  • How to Make money online?
  • How to build an online brand and become my own boss?

We are continues to sharing the most important and valuable contents for the reader to help them build the website with success. Every content we are sharing is experienced that we had done and tested.

A Man behind this Blog

I am a blogger that had learned a lot of the ways how to get the success of blogging. I had started my first blog back in 2014 which I still in high school and at that time I don’t know everything what the requirement for the success of the online blogging. But for a long, I am passionate about blogging I had done research around the internet and learned many things out there. So by my learning and experience with blogging for a long, I decided to share my blogging knowledge on this blog to let people know about the ways of blogging.

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If you have anything to ask, suggestion, though, and Idea feels free to contact us. We valued yours and it can be the lifeblood of our website to improve and succeed. Thank you so much for visiting us we hope you will come back again.

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