5 Best Content Management Tools that Blogger should use

In the world, where there are different content management tools to choose from, every web designer, blogger, or website owner must make the right choice.

To become successful in this world of blogging with serious competition in every niche, you need to have the best content management tool. This tool helps you in the creating your website and designing until it suits your taste.

Blogging involves publishing of well-written content with target keyword in the content in order to rank in the SERP. If you are a new blogger and you still doubt which content management tool to choose from, this article will help you in making the right choice.

The CMS you choose for your platform can affect your website in the SERP, website builder like Wix have terrible SEO, but now the company has upgraded to this platform to become SEO.

The content management tools you choose depends on your taste and your level of experience. I have seen professionally web developer arguing about the best content management tool in the market and the content management tool they choose is as a result of the level of experience and the ease of using this tool.

The three largest and widely used content management tools in the market is Joomla, WordPress, and Drupal. This platform is used because of the ease at which web designer find it easier to customize their blog and content for their reader. But there are also content management tool in the market, their popularity is low, but if you feel like using this tool you can go ahead.


The Best Content Management Tools on the web

content management tools

  • WordPress

This is the platform I used on my personal blog because of the ease of using the software. If you want to check out my blog where I talk about blogging tips to help the new and old blogger in their journey to become better.

WordPress started out as a blogging platform but over the years with the work of programmer and web developer, you can use WordPress to create any website in the market with over 27% of the website is hosted on WordPress ranging from business website to food blog to personal diary.

Another benefit of using WordPress is that WordPress is open source which means any programmer can upgrade the platform. It also comes with free and paid theme and plugin for you to customize your website.

  • Drupal

Many web developers prefer using Drupal because of its versatility, you can use Drupal to build any website ranging from applications tool for big website and basic blog depending on your choice.

There are almost 37,000 web developer using Drupal and comes with over 2000 theme to customize your website.

Just like WordPress, Drupal is open source CMS which means that you can upgrade the software to your taste or outsource the development of your website to the professional web developer.

  • Joomla

This is the largest open source content management tool in the market, with over 50 million download already and being used by big and trusted website like Harvard University, Citibank and so on.

If you thinking of building a high-quality website, then Joomla is the best for you. If you don’t know how to build a website on Joomla you can outsource the development to web developer guru.

  • Ocportal

The latest addition to CMS is Ocportal, most web developer doesn’t know about this CMS and it has few users.

Web developers that use this CMS find it interesting with so many plugins and theme. This CMS is one for the future and if they continue to introduce plugin for integration, this sky would be the limit to its capability.

  • Wild Apricot

This is the last one of the content management tools that I would list in this article. This content management tool is more suitable for web developer interested in developing NGO, Club and organization website.

It helps to manage membership website, payment integration, and renewal and so on.

There are several other content management tool in the market like Radiant, Rubedo, Concrete, X3 and so on. What you choose depends on your level of experience and your personal choice.

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