Best Google font in 2019

6 Best Google Fonts By Number

Choosing the best Google fonts for blogging content is the best idea to make our website article look professional and clean design.

We writing content here are using awesome Google fonts that let you look nicely and make our content clean. 

There are more then 17 trillion fonts and  there are 884 font families availble for free, so that why you need guide to help you picking the right fonts for your website.

Best Google fonts

Choosing a font is not just for aesthetic of choice – its have real effect on your site’s bounce rate and conversion rate especially when you pick the hard font to read.

So you have to pick the best font for your site but it  a bet of times to find the best Google fonts because there lots of fonts are available there.

So today we had covered the most beautiful fonts that you can choose for your website and start them on your write blog to make content better.

Best Google Fonts in 2019

There are sixteen best Google fonts that we walking you throw today and let pick the right one for your website.

1. Poppins

You see this article is using Poppins Google fonts, It give us really good looking font and better to read content.

2. Roboto

 This font also good font that you can use for better looking article and easy to read, It make visitor attractive on reading because it have provide very clean font format.

 3. Lato

Lato is a best Google fonts that everyone should use because the font is really good for all type of website and fitting with any of article, So it can be your choice of the font if you are looking for better Google font.

4. Open Sans

 Open sans is the another sans serif font that can be the best choice of your website font because this font good for every type of website.

5. Oswald

 This font also good one among mention of the best Google fonts that we had cover today article. 

6. Source Sans Pro

 This also the bet Google fonts for everyone that looking for good font for using on there website to make it good performance of a website content and have nice looking article.

Which Google Font is the Best?

It actually depending on you but what we can say is just testing the theme that we had mention above then you will find the right one and get the best Google fonts that you like.

Using Best Google font is the best idea for better looking of a website content and attracting visitor on reading article you published...

After we have finding the good font that we like to you use on our website so how to setting them up on our website to make it live there.

So of the best WordPress themes (Premium theme) are coming with this Google font and it really easy to setup.

By Just go to backend of your website and go to theme option then you will find the font setting out there.


This is all about the best Google fonts that you can use for your own website to make your writing performance get more attractive and beautiful.

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