15 Best Google Fonts for Blogger

Choosing the best Google fonts for blogging content is the best idea to make our website article look professional and clean design.

We writing content here are using awesome Google fonts that let you look nicely and make our content clean. 

There are more then 17 trillion fonts and  there are 884 font families availble for free, so that why you need guide to help you picking the right fonts for your website.

Best Google fonts

Choosing a font is not just for aesthetic of choice – its have real effect on your site’s bounce rate and conversion rate especially when you pick the hard font to read.

So you have to pick the best font for your site but it  a bet of times to find the best Google fonts because there lots of fonts are available there.

So today we had covered the most beautiful fonts that you can choose for your website and start them on your write blog to make content better.

Best Google Fonts in 2019

There are sixteen best Google fonts that we walking you throw today and let pick the right one for your website.

1. Poppins

Best Google Fonts 2020

Image credit by – Awwward

You see this article is using Poppins Google fonts, It give us really good looking font and better to read content.

2. Roboto

Roboto Google Fonts 2020
 This font also good font that you can use for better looking article and easy to read, It make visitor attractive on reading because it have provide very clean font format.

 3. Lato

Google fonts 2020

Lato is a best Google fonts that everyone should use because the font is really good for all type of website and fitting with any of article, So it can be your choice of the font if you are looking for better Google font.

4. Open Sans

Open Sans Google font 2020
 Open sans is the another sans serif font that can be the best choice of your website font because this font good for every type of website.

5. Oswald

Oswald Google Font
 This font also good one among mention of the best Google fonts that we had cover today article. 

6. Source Sans Pro

Source Sans pro font

 This also the bet Google fonts for everyone that looking for good font for using on there website to make it good performance of a website content and have nice looking article.

7. Noto sans 

Noto sans font
This Google is also the most popular nowadays so you can also check it out if you would like to use this one because it has a good design font and really better looking.

8. Oxygen

Oxygen Google fonts
This font also a good looking font that blogger should keep eyes in with this beautiful font and use them on their blog.

9. Nunito 

Nunito font
Nunito also a beautiful Google font that blogger must should use to perform their content with this nice font to the reader.

10. PT Sans

PT Sans
PT sans is the good font that we should use to perform our content with good looking by using this awesome font, it is also the best choice for blogger of choosing this font.

11. Montserrat

This is another Best Google fonts in 2020 that I had seen the most popular website are using this, You can also use this best fonts on your website too, to get clear how it look let’s see the image below…
Best Google Fonts 2020

12. Muli

Muli also another best performing font that I had seen on someone blog and I think it is also the Best Google fonts that you can use on your website you can look at the image below to see how it performance.

Best Google Fonts 2020

13. Libre Baskerville

Libre Baskerville also the best font that I had found on the most popular blog “quickSpourt” It is also the must font if you want your content performing well for attract your visitor, you can check the style of the font by seeing the image below.

Best Google Fonts in 2020

14. PT Serif

PT serif is also another best Google font that had used by the most popular website “Ahrefs” it is the font that performing really well on writing content and attract visitor of reading your article with the performance of it.

Best Google Fonts

15. Domine

Domine also the best font that you can use on your website to perform your content really well, that make reader feel good experience with it, see the how it performance below with image.

Best Google Fonts free


How to Use Google Fonts?

To use one of these font on your website you need to go to your website editor if your using WordPress there is available at Appearance > Editor and then you need to find Header.php.

It really simple and quick to implement…

1. Choose the font you like to implement on your website.

2.  Copy the generate code and add it inside the head tag (<head>).

 <head> <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Tangerine"> </head>

3. The font access-able to your CCS code and write the following code in the custom CSS of your theme.

 body { font-family: 'Tangerine', serif; font-size: 48px; }

Here you can consult a extended manual for styles, script subsets, and using multiple fonts. 

But if you use the most popular Premium WordPress like…

The developer already built-in so what you have to do just change to with theme option or customize.

It really easy and fast with the premium theme, you can change to any font you like there are lots of Google font available there.

Which Google Font is the Best?

It actually depending on you but what we can say is just testing the them that we had mention above then you will find the right one and get the best Google fonts that you like.

But I also have a recommendation for you about my favorite Google fonts that I had using on entire website is Poppins.

Using Best Google font is the best idea for better looking of a website content and attracting visitor on reading article you published... #Poppins


This is all about the best Google fonts that you can use for your own website to make your writing performance get more attractive and beautiful.

If you are looking for more Google fonts artoun is the best listed of the Google fonts that you can use on your blog.


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