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When We are coming to the blogging industry or business online the main things we need to do is choose a great domain and web hosting, provider.  There are lots of web hosting companies out there, so it abets a difficult time for the beginner bloggers to choose the best one for there to host their blog data on.

Now it not a big problem for you by the ways today I am bringing you the best WordPress web hosting for the better future of your online business and sale. Now we are picking up the top web hosting provider for such as Kinsta, Wp Engine, InMotion Hosting and etc. Which is really good for your business and blogging you pick one of best the best WordPress hosting you like and get started…


 10 Best WordPress Hosting Company for Blogger


LogoNamePlanPriceFeatureView Plan
wp engineMileWebAce$1/mo1 Website, SSD, Free SSL, cPanel + SoftaculousVisit MileWeb
wp engineWP EnginePersonal$35/mo1 Website

10GB Web Space
Visit WP Engine
KinstaStater$30/mo1 WebsiteVisit Kinsta
inmotion hostingInmotion HostingLaunch$3.49/mo2 Websites

Unlimited Space
Visit WP Inmotion Host
blue hostBluehostBasic$2.95/mo1 Website

50GB Web Space
Visit BlueHost
hostgatorHostGatorStater$5.95/mo1 Website

50GB Web Space
Visit HostGator
sitegroundSitegroundStartup$3.95/mo1 Website

10GB Web Space
Visit Siteground
IpageStarter$3.75/mo1 Website
Unlimited storage
Visit Ipage
GodaddyBasic$3.99/mo1 Website

10GB Space
Visit Godaddy
Dream HostShared Hosting$3.99/mo
Multiple Websites

Shared SSD
Visit Dream Host


  • Mileweb


MilesWeb is the best and most affordable managed WordPress hosting service provider. Any newbie can easily host or start his/her own blog with their managed and best WordPress hosting in India platform. They provide lots of good values for users and customers to successfully run their business.

It means that they already know what you want, to start a blog.

MilesWeb was started in the year 2012 to bridge the gap between the hosting needs and customer satisfaction which wasn’t provided by other hosting providers.

Their support team is well-experienced and they work 24/7 to solve customers’ queries. MilesWeb gives you the best loading speed of your website because they use the SSD drives to store your website data. So your site or blog can be running much faster than the sites that are hosted on traditional HDD drives.

Also, they offer you plans at competitive prices and fit your business requirements. There are lots of hosting plans out there, but you can choose the best one according to your website requirements. They offer multiple web server locations such as India, UK, USA, Australia, Canada and Singapore. So you can choose the server location as per your targeted audience.

MilesWeb’s WordPress Hosting + Free Domain plans start with Ace at $1/mo followed by Heart at $3/mo and Diamond at $5.40/mo. You get a free domain name only with their Heart and Diamond plans so you don’t need to pay any extra money for domain registration.

Mileweb Pricing

The best thing about MilesWeb hosting services is 30 days money-back guarantee, which means you can apply for cancellation of service within 30 days, if you are not 100% satisfied with their web hosting services.

MilesWeb is always the best to recommend for WordPress hosting because it is good enough for bloggers or newbies to start with their blog or any other type of website.

The features you get with MilesWeb WordPress hosting services:

  • Free Domain
  • Fully Managed WordPress
  • Fast SSD Storage
  • Free SSL Security
  • Automatic WordPress Updates
  • WordPress Preconfigured
  • Fast Provisioning
  • Free WordPress Migration
  • Built for Performance
  • Secure Email
  • Datacenter Choice
  • 95% Uptime Guarantee
  • 24/7 Instant Live Chat Support
  • WPEngine

Best WordPress Hosting Provider

WPEngine is focusing on WordPress hosting so it became the most useful and powerful of WordPress for bloggers to start with them. There lost a useful feature on there and It gives great support when you have a problem with your hosting or question related to WordPress hosting or Migration.

WpEngine became the best WordPress hosting provider because it gives the bloggers and business related to website online store with the great values of the hosting data out there. 

There are several plans on WPEngine Hosting with could be fit to your business needed, it also has the custom plan in which you can add what you need by getting in touch with there customer support then you can add things you like on your hosting plan.

The values of WPEngine is starting $ 35 per month ( Startup Plan) up to $ 290 Per month ( Scale Plan) for the custom plan it up to your selected it could be the values base on the products you require.

If you are the newbie blogger we recommend you to choose the Startup Plan which really great for you and when your business getting better you will get an upgrade of your hosting plan any time you want to.

They’re also the best feature that some of the bloggers would like is Free Site Migration, WPEngine is available for the bloggers who wish to switch their hosting from others to WpEngine and every processing can be done with company expert do it for you and don’t have to worry about. WPEngine is the best WordPress hosting recommended you can start with them and enjoy your business.


    • Starts with 1 site
    • 3 environments/site
    • CDN & SSL included
    • Migrations free
    • Page Performance free
    • Powerful tools available

Grab Your Hosting Now

  • Kinsta

Best WordPress Hosting Provider

Kinsta is Managed WordPress Hosting, It provided by Google Cloud platform which is really great for bloggers. On Kinsta it provides the user the best speed and performance because within every hosting of it are included the CDN ( Content Delivery Network ) to provide the customer the best experience and success of their business and sale.

You can start with it from $ 30 per month for the Starter Plan, It pretty good for the beginner blogger to start with. Anyways you can up upgrade your hosting plan anytime you like to when your business is growing up enough for the next level.

Meaning that your business grow more customer and sale so you need to upgrade to the better hosting plan and matched with your desire for your customer and Kista just offer this price and plan recently back in couple months it was not available the hosting fee was started from $ 100 per month up to $ 900 per month but now it provides user with great values and service with the best fee offered.


If you are ready a blogger and want to change the hosting plan from others to Kinsta there are also great with them because Kinsta provide the free service of Site Migration, Every process can be done by company expert will do everything for you, there may require some information from you like hosting FTP username or password to getting progress.

Kinsta is a  recommend for the best WordPress hosting ever because there are lots of great values that bloggers need are available there such site speed, a great number of visitors, site clones and etc.

Let’s check how the Kinsta became the best WordPress hosting and should pick it as your hosting company partner.


  • Free CDN
  • Free white glove migrations
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • 15 global locations
  • Multisite support
  • Free SSL certificates
  • Site Clone

  • InMotion Hosting

InMotion hosting is great WordPress hosting place that every blogger can check out, On there they provide lots of good values for user and customer to be a success of their business. It means that they already prepare what you desire of starting the blog.

InMotion Hosting gives you the best speed of loading your website because the now running the SSD to store your website data so your site can be running much faster than the sites that not using this.

Also, they offer you great pricing of every plan and fit your business requirement, there are lots of hosting plan out there but you can choose the best one for running your website. 

If you are the beginner blogger you can go there and check on web hosting menu then choose business hosting. It available three plan there that you can pick the most useful one for starting your blog and fit your business plan. The price is starting from $ 5 per month ( Launch Plan)  up to $ 12 per month ( Pro Plan).

InMotion Hosting also gives you a free domain when you buy the hosting plan from them which is really great for you and save more money from buying the domain name. Not just this it also provides the customer with free backup data, Max Speed and lots more.

The best thing about InMotion hosting is 90 days money-back guarantee which means you can cancel anytime within 90 days if you don’t like the hosting that you are running with them. 

InMotion Hosting is great to recommend for the WordPress hosting because it good enough for bloggers to start with their hosting service providing nowadays. When you don’t like just cancel within the day that they limited so the money will refund to you and may some of the business days.

Feature on InMotion Hosting

  • Free Email Account
  • E-commerce Ready
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Max Speed Zone
  • 1 Click installation


  • Bluehost

Bluehost became the top WordPress Hosting provider because it provides the customer with experience of hosting and values. Bluehost is Offer all type of business hosting require such as WordPress, VPS Hosting, Dedicate Hosting and more. 

Which are fit your requirements of you need out there, There lots of useful function that Bluehost providing to WordPress bloggers such one-click installation of WordPress.

During you buy the hosting plan of it’s you will get a free domain on Bluehost so it can save more money of yours. There are more values that they give yours for free such free site builder.

Bluehost offering the best price of your hosting plan which you can start your web hosting from $ 3 per month for the first time of your hosting. When you grow more customers later you will upgrade to another hosting plan in the future for the better and matched with a desire for hosting.

Bluehost is also the best recommendation for your WordPress hosting place that provides you the best values and supports when you have question or problem with your hosting. You can ask for help with technical support 24/7 by a phone call or text support.

They also offer the 30 days money-back guarantee, meaning that when you buy their hosting plan and you feel it not great for you then you can cancel anytime within the 30 days that limited so you money will be refunded to you. It so amazing!!

Feature on Bluehost

  • Free Domain
  • 24/7 supports
  • 1 Click installation ( WordPress )
  • Free Site Builder

  • Hostgator

Hostgator is the most popular web hosting provider because it has been in this business for long times and also there lots of customers are running the HostGator web hosting for there business online. Hostgator web hosting is providing the customers with good values on budget and your business requirements.

If you are the beginner of online blogging or marketing Hostgator is the best place of the web hosting that you can start with to running your online business website. There are lots of type of the hosting provided by HostGator out there, today we introduce you for WordPress hosting with them.

WordPress Hosting by Hostgator is a great value to run your online business website and it could be fit to your business desires. There is three plan on the WordPress hosting of them which allow you to pick one of the best and match to the requirements of your online marketing business.

For the pricing Hostgator offering them the best price which better for you to run your online business website, It cost from 5.95 per month ( Starter Plan), 7.95 per month ( Standard Plan ) and 9.95 per month ( Business Plan ).

We recommend you the start with the first one if you are the beginner of running the blog online because it can save more money for you. This mean when you just start you may not have many customers to your website the values that they provided may fit yours. After your business getting grows you can upgrade to another plan later no problem when you grow more and more you still get upgrade your plan for your desires.

Feature on Hostgator

  • A WordPress Cloud Interface
  • Auto-backup with one-click restores
  • One-click scalability to handle traffic spikes
  • Easy access to all your email accounts
  • Free Migration
  • Free Domain

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  • Site Ground

Site Ground also the most popular Web hosting company back in these couple of year, their lots of customers turn to site ground from the most popular web hosting that they were using with. Site ground provides the best values of WordPress hosting such as the price or hardware of the hosting requirements.

Site Ground is the right place for the bloggers to start a website with, because this web hosting provider will give you the new experience of the WordPress hosting and start your online business website and it could help your business growing up to be successful if you do very well with your online business. It could be your partner every time you need help and support for your issue of web hosting and any problem related to the hosting.

The price of your hosting is really the best value for you because they offering the best pricing of any plan you pick to get host your website. Site ground gives you a very big discount on the WordPress hosting up 60 percent on every plan on WordPress option which is really great for every blogger for saving more money for buying the hosting.

When you buy any hosting plan you will get a free domain name, so blogger no need to spend extra money on buying domain name because give it to you for free that why we keep saying it provided the best values to bloggers and online marketer.

When you go to you will see SiteGround is featuring on there which is the best recommendation of WordPress for the WordPress hosting provider.

Feature on Site Ground

  • Free Domain
  • Free CDN
  • Free Email account
  • Unlimited Traffic
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • 24H/7 Supports

  • Ipage

Starting with Ipage you will get lots of the great values on your hosting plan, IPage provided your desired values of the hosting requirements. When you buy hosting with Ipage you will get many special things free out there such as a domain, site Lock, Analytics and lots more.

The special thing is that you will refund from Ipage when you cancel your hosting if you think you don’t like their offered hosting plan or for other reason. Within 30 days of your hosting started you can cancel anytime among these days you will get a refund from them.

Ipage is included almost 500 $ free with the hosting plan that you bought and all of them are really great for your business website which is you don’t have to buy more for your website. Such as site lock is important for your website because it will secure your website from the hacker and spam.

Ipage also offered the Google Adword and Bing Credit with is really good to make advertise your website for the customer without you pay any money it will be done with Ipage and you will earn the traffics to your website. What you have to do is just create the ads and use their credit that it.

Ipage is also the Best WordPress Hosting that recommended to start with, for your business and marketing to generate more money.

So let’s see how the Ipage hosting company become one of the best WordPress hosting that we should pick as a hosting partner of our business.

Feature On Ipage

  • Free Domain
  • Free Site Lock
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
  • Free ads credit
  • Free Email Address
  • Free Analytics
  • Host Unlimited Domain

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  • Godaddy

Godaddy is the most popular web hosting provider and domain name seller, It gains lots of the customers and this company grows up really fast. So it became the top of the web hosting provider, within Godaddy Web Hosting you will get will have lots plan there but we recommend you to pick the WordPress hosting plan section with offered for the WordPress and optimize for this platform.

Also, when you selected on WordPress hosting, You will see the multiple web hosting plan out there so we highly recommend you to pick the first for your first time of starting the online blog.

There lots of great values within every single plan on there, such as you will get free domain names during you buy the hosting plan for annually. Godaddy now running SSD on your WordPress Hosting storage which is really good because it makes your website speed faster than using the HDD ( Hard Disk Drive). Also a good amount of Bandwidth and the plan you choose yet then you think it not enough data for your requirement you upgrade your plan anytime you like to. It really simple and easy to proceed. Godaddy is the Best WordPress Hosting recommended that you can start your blog with and grow your marketing and business.

Now you can check the Godaddy feature and how it because the best WordPress Hosting for you to pick it as your host partner.

Feature On Godaddy

  • Free Domain
  • Search Engine Optimization Plugin
  • Pro Site Multi-Site Management Tool
  • One-click staging site

  • Dream Host

Dream Host the Best plan place that you can start you hosting with Because Dream Hosting is offering great values and lots of useful stuff out there. On Dream is a 100 % Uptime guarantee which your website should be running really fast every time.

Dream Host is an official recommendation from WordPress of the hosting provider and feature on because it is the best WordPress hosting. For the pricing dream host are different from other it offers by division if you chose for a monthly plan it cost you the higher price but if you pick the longest term of your hosting plan they will charge you with the lower price.

The special thing on Dream Host is 97 days money-back guarantee so it great enough for you to test their hosting if you feel that hosting not good for your business website you will able to cancel anytime with the days that they limited then your money will refund by Dream Host. It is a really good amount of the limited days that you could test everything with your hosting plan.

Feature On Dream Hosting

  • Free Domain
  • 100% Uptime Guarantee
  • Free Email Address
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • No limited traffics and Storage

By reading this article we hope you find one of the best WordPress hosting providers from this content and take as your hosting plan for your business website or blog.

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