Best WordPress Plugins for Travel blogs

WordPress Plugins is the add on functionality for your WordPress website that doesn’t coming with the default WordPress system.

And the plugin will help you to get the right desire functionality for your work on your website So today we will talking about the specific type of plugin that fit with the individual niche on the best WordPress plugins for travel blog.

Why We share this specific niche “WordPress Plugins for travel blog”?

We coming up this because there are lots of content available on the internet that shared about best WordPress plugin for non specific niche but today we will help the new blogger that want to start a WordPress blog with travel niche to use the right plugins for the blog.

When I bring up to this topic I had ask my relation that she had start a blog with the travel niche. She had shared me all the most valued plugin that she had use on her blog, her name is:

“Jennifer – Two Can Travel blog”  Thanks to Jen & Stevo.

Two Can Travel

Let’s move back to our major content…

So today I had covered the most useful WordPress plugins for travel that you have to use on yours.

What is the best WordPress Plugins for Travel blog?

This is the most important question that had asked by many bloggers, but no worry we will walking you to only the best WordPress plugins for travel blog.

Because we had selecting the most valued and useful for you before we had sharing them on this content.

But It not mean you have to use all of them you just pick the plugin that you had demand but if so, it your choice.

See a quick preview of the “best WordPress plugins for travel blog”.

  • Yoast SEO
  •  Monster Insight
  • WP Super Cache
  • Social Warfare 
  • Smush It
  • Facebook Widget
  •  Youtube Subscribe Widget
  •  Social Count plus
  •  Google Maps Widget
  • WP Google Maps
Let’s getting start…

10 Best WordPress Plugins for Travel Blog.

Now it time to know all the details of the plugins and how it help you with the specific functionality on your website to make your work much more easy and without coding knowledge by using those wordpress plugins for travel blog.

1. Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO plugin is a complete on-page SEO audit tool that help you optimize your new content SEO really quick.

Because this plugin will provide your on-page SEO optimize technical issues and where you must fix to get a better SEO score for your article.

There are lots of bloggers are use this plugin for helps the content SEO optimization to make a brand new article SEO friendly for search engine easy to rank on the SERPs.

2. Monster Insight Analytics

Monster Insight is the the best WordPress Plugin for analyzing our website traffic and activities on your website.

This plugin are integrated with the Google Analytics and it come with a beautiful interface and easy to track the data.

with this plugin you can check what going on, on your blog and where the traffic coming from such as bounce rate and much more.

3. WP Super Cache

This plugin is use to cache the page data for next time view of the user and it is good for SEO of the decrease the loading times.

WP Super Cache is really impact to your website SEO search visible because this plugin help use to boost website page speed to make them load more faster.

4. Smush It

Smush It is the best WordPress plugin that help our website loading time really fast because it help to compress image in post to boost loading time faster.

This plugin is the must use plugin if you want to website get higher ranking position because impact with your website SEO and help your website matched with the ranking factors of the search engine.

It is really good to have this plugin when we have very long article with thousand of words and we may add lots of images their so this plugin work really well to help site much faster.

5. Social Warfare

Social Warfare is a social sharing plugin that show the share button on the target areas you want to show up the share button to allow visitor to share the article on the social media platform.

Using this plugin is really good way to increase from the social media and increase the social signal which is the best to help your website getting high ranking on the SERP position.

6. Facebook Widget

This plugin is allow you to easy enable a facebook profile on your website sidebar, footer, and anywhere else.

By using plugin you may increase your Facebook page like or share and much more.

7. Easy Subscribe Button Widget

Adding Youtube Subscribe widget plugin you will able to show the subscribe button on your website to let visitor subscribe your Youtube channel and by using this it help us get more subscribers.

8. Social Count Plus

Social count plus the plugin that show the social media sharing numbers and it good to let people see how many people are sharing the individual post or page.

9. Google Maps Widget

A Google Maps widget plugin is the best wordpress plugin for travel blog because it allow administrator to add Google Location on the widget or sidebar.

10. WP Google Maps

WP Google Maps is really is the best plugin that every travel blogger have to use because it allow blogger to pin the map in plug post or page very nicely.

It can be use in the Hotel, Spa, Restaurant review and we can pin the Maps in site the post to let reader see and make direction.


Now you had knew all the best WordPress plugins for travel blog that you have to use on your travel niche site and to make your work much more easy and getting it right.

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