Moz’s Domain Authority – The Completed Guide for 2018

What Is Domain Authority?

Domain Authority (DA) is a search engine ranking score developed by Moz that predicts how well a website will rank on search engine result pages. A Domain Authority score ranges from 1 to 100, with higher scores corresponding to a greater ability to rank.

Domain Authority using multiple factors to calculate the score of a website such as links root domain and the total number of links to the be result the score of DA. Moz’s Domain Authority score can be used to compare a website or rank tracking ” A Website Ranking strength ” every time.

You can check the website DA by using the Moz’s Bar ( Google Chrome Extensions ) and Link Explorer. These two tools will help you the find the exactly Domain Authority score of your website.

How is Domain Authority scored?

Moz’s score Domain Authority on a 100-point logarithmic scale. It starts from 1 to 100. From one to 30 it easy to get, But from 30 – 40 it not easy for you to gain that scores You need to work very hard on developing your websites such as contents and SEO Optimization.

Why We Need A Good Domain Authority?

DA is the scale of score that defines how well your website ranking ability on the search engine. When you have better DA you will rank higher on the search engine such as Google. So it really Important for every website such as yours and everyone need to improve it.

Generally, the site has a large number of high-quality External Link like, It has the really good scale of the score of DA 100 which mean of it is the top of the end scale score on DA.


What I can tell you to improve your website DA is you can build more high-quality backlinks and those sites that link to your website need to have a good amount of DA score scaled. Later on, your website will get higher DA score too.

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You can keep building more backlinks to your website with the good DA score Domain and develop your website content.

After your DA is increased your ranking position also increase on the SERPs and you will get more traffics to your website. It is a really good opportunity for your and sale when you have lots of traffics coming to your website daily.

How to increase Domain Authority?

domain authority

Increasing the domain authority not easier as we think, So we need to work very hard to get the website domain authority to move up. you can practice the ways that we provide you in the below it will help you to boost your domain authority step by step.

Method 1. Write Very Good Contents for Your website.

write a good content for your blog can help you to engage your readers to share the article to there friends and it is the best ways that you can get more traffics to your website. While people are shared your article on social or they linked your contents on their website then you will earn the backlink.

The backlink is one of the most important parts that you can improve your DA especially when people link your content on their website and their website has a good amount of DA score between 37 to 95. so this link called the natural link and it help your website increase the DA and Google page rank.

Anyways you need to write very good and valuable content for your visitor this is a good way that you can boost your DA.

Method 2. Link Building Profile

Link building the good way that helps your website ranking and improves the domain authority. So to increase your website DA with link building you need to look at the website that has the good amount of the DA score and try to ask them to link to your website.

It not easier to ask people to link to your website but there are the ways that you still can have the link from those websites that you wanted to link to your website. We have covered the multiple-valued method that helps you to get that links.

  • Find your competitors content that has lots of shares – You can write a similar and better of that article and the people who linked to your competitor’s website and email them that you have published similar to your competitor and ask them to link to your website. By doing that you need to put your competitor URLs and see which content are the most get links.
  • Write the good and Valuable article and published on your website.
  • Build natural backlink – which means the link that your website gain natural by people linking your website not buy backlink.

While you have followed these tactics you will see the result within one or two months later and website DA will increase.

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