How to Find Low Competition Keywords

Finding the low competition keywords is great way to get your website getting rank very fast. It is the best strategy that most of content marketer use to for new content creation.

This strategy is not much different from the do the right keyword research but use some tactic to find the most values keyword that will improve your website performance on Google fast and kick out of competitor.

Why Low Competition Keywords Research?

Low competition keywords research because we need to rank our content fast on the SERP and it the best way that can drive tons of traffic to your website with optimize to much of SEO optimization or link building but anyways it still need those optimize but this method can help to make our new content creation rank fast.

Because our competitor doesn’t have content with the exact same keyword targeting so it an opportunity that we can get high traffic our blog.

This method use by most succeed online marketer to promote their business website with content creation and the low competition keyword research is one of the best strategies that should be done.


Why to find the low competition keywords?

To find low competition keywords for your new content it must be a keyword research tool to help you find and analyze of keyword difficulty on the target keyword and finding the related keyword with low competitive level.

Here it is…


  • Check your Website Ranking
  • Keyword Research
  • Check Website Backlinks
  • Competitor Analyze
  • And more

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How to do Low Competition Keywords Research?

First we need to pick one of the tools that I had mention above before we getting start so today KWFinder fo an example of starting find the low competition keyword research.

let’s dive right in…


After open up the keyword tool then type the keyword you want to create content about. 

After you will you will the result of keyword research list then at the top left of the keywords list you will see the filter option there then just click on it.

So let input the values to SEO difficulty score to see find the low competition keyword that related to your main keyword.

find low competition keyword

Let’s give value to it “1 in Minimum & 20 for Maximum” then keyword on set filter button to see the low competition keyword.

If you target keyword is have lot of competitive you will not see the low competition keyword but it not many then you will see the low competition keywords there by doing follow this way.

How to Rank Low Competition Keywords

To rank you low competition keyword after you had found one or more on the search progress it time to optimize them with your writing article.

Integrate those keyword with your new content creation make more in-dept for the reader and make valuable content then it take time for Google indexing your new content let see the result.

If you don’t know how to write a good SEO friendly Content please also check our article to learn more by clicking here.

Note: if your website has low domain authority and your competitor have high site authority score the ranking will high authority first, so let improve your domain authority with good amount of score to make it better on the SERP than competitor.

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