Search Console – The Beginner Guide to SEO

Search Console is the best SEO tools that every blogger must use if you want to organically traffic from Google Search Engine.

So today I will walk you throw all the process of how to getting started with Search Console and use it for your website SEO tools to gain more and more traffics instantly.


Why Use Google Search Console?

Search Console is a Google Search Webmaster tools that index your website data for to ranking on their SERP in term of the user search keyword.

While we submit our website to Google Search Console it means your website data will be the index on their search engine and it will rank your website on SERPs page.

It does not mean you will ranking number one on Google search result page when you had submitted your website to their webmaster but It helps Google know what you have published content on your website.

If you want better ranking on the search engine with the good position you have to do well in SEO.

Anyway, Google Search Console also helps you to improve your website ranking position with the keyword you are targeting and within this article, we will talk about that too.


Getting Start with Google Search Console

Before you getting started with your Google search console make sure you have all the requirement in the below section.

  1. Google Account (Gmail)
  2. Your own website

So let begin…

#1. How to submit your website to Google search console

The first thing we have to do login to Google Search Console and click Add Properties.

Next, enter your website home page URL in the text box.

google search console

It time you need to verify your website with search console.

There are multiple ways you can verify your website with search console but it has 3 options that easy to verify.

  • HTML File: Upload a unique HTML file to your site.
  • CNAME or TXT Record: Here’s where you add a special CNAME or TXT record to your domain settings.
  • HTML Code Snippet (my personal recommendation): Simply upload a small snippet of code (an HTML tag) to the <head> section of your homepage’s code.


#2. Set Preferred Domain

It tells Google that we use WWW or non-www version of our website.

search console


Setting preferred domain it makes Google can see as:


We also don’t use “WWW”. But it depends on your mind it has zero impact on your website SEO.

Important Note:

You can also use Don’t set a preferred domain

Google search console

We don’t recommend you to use this one as Google Says: “If you don’t specify a preferred domain, we may treat the www and non-www versions of the domain as separate references to separate pages.”

If you like to use both following our pro tips:

Pro Tips: Setup the automatic 301 redirections to keep your website running both such as “WWW” & non-www version. From “WWW” version automatic redirection to the non-www version. Example: automatic redirect to


#3 Add Sitemap to Google Seach Console


A sitemap is a map that tells Google where to go and find your content and data within your website.

It so important for SEO when it comes to Google search traffic.

You need the plugin to generate your website sitemap if you are using WordPress there multiple plugins that can be generated the sitemap for your website.

Some of the best WordPress SEO plugin also coming with this useful feature to generate you a sitemap that helps you easy to submit on Search Console and another search engine.


If you Yoast WordPress SEO it also generate ready for you there at your admin dashboard.

Now click on see the XML sitemap.


Yoast Sitemap

you sitemap will look like…

So copy the sitemap_index.xml and past on the GSC.

Here how to do…

Back to your GSC and then click on Sitemap at left menu to add a sitemap.


Past your copied text before and click SUBMIT.

add sitemap on search console

Now your website is ready for Google to crawl your data and ready to get rank on the SERP page it may take some time to crawl your website data.


Understanding About Search Console Overview.

The Google Search Console overview is the reports about your website that got ranking on Google search tracking and it tells you what website happened on the search engine.

  • Total clicks – it the click that you got from a search engine.
  • Total Impressions –  The impressions that your website got from Google search users.
  • Average CTR – It is average click throw rate that your website got.
  • Average Position – The average position that your website ranking on the SERPs.


Under that, there are search tracking reports that you can find out and filter those ranking keywords by.

  • Queries
  • Page
  • Country
  • Devices
  • Search Appearance

You can use this to find out the most profitable keywords that your website got highest ranking and improve your low click throw rate CTR with the keywords that your website ranking for and optimize them the post that you got low CTR and make it more thorough.

Google search console ranking trackin

You can use these ways to improve your website SEO for the good ranking position opportunity to gain the organically traffics from search engine to your website.


How to Optimize SEO Technical With GSC


Google Search Console is free tools that you can improve your website SEO easily with the keyword ranking report of its provided.

And you also can check out the SEO technical issues on your website too with the GSC then we can fix those issues to make our website safe.

In this article, you will learn how to check out and re-optimize your website SEO.

Here How to do…


Use The “Index Coverage” to find the problem of your website to Fix

When thing going right Google will find your page and Index the data on your website Quickly.

But when thing going wrong you need to fix them if you want Google to index all your website data.

So that why we need the Index Coverage report to help us on doing this.


What is the Index Coverage Report?

Index Coverage Report is the tool that let you know the thing from your website that Indexed on Google and Things that was not indexed.

It also provides the report which tells the issues on your website that need to be fixed if you want Google index that page or post.


How to Fix the Error on Index Coverage Reports

There are 4 taps on top of the index coverage report and those are really important for us.

  • Error
  • Warnings
  • Valid
  • Excluded

We walking throw every single one to make you solve the problems and fix all the issues of your website.

Now let begin with the Error…

search console

Let focus on the Errors section that we will have to fix them to make our website got no errors.

First See the details of the error state below the index coverage.

Google Search console

There are different types of error that you must know before getting fix them.

So we need to specify on every single one to be the right of fixing.

Important Note:

404 Error – this error because of the page not found or may be deleted.
Redirect error –  it 301/302 redirections have a problem or issue.
Submitted URL crawl error – It may have the problem while Google crawling your new page.
Server Errors –  Googlebot couldn’t access the server. It might have crashed, timed out, or been down when Googlebot stopped by.

Now Fix 404 errors…

404 error is simply easy to fix, so we need to click on the URL that has the problem and open it to check it down or not.

If it down…

google search console

…then you have to click on it and right side panel will appear.

Next click on “Fetch as Google” in the right side panel.

fetch as google








When we had finished up the Fetch as Google ready then we will need to fix these errors to make your website healthy.

How to fix it?

There are two options:

  1. Leave it as is. Google will eventually deindex the page. This makes sense if the page is down for a reason (like if you don’t sell that product anymore).
  2. You can redirect the 404 page to a similar product page, category page, or blog post.

Now let check and fix Redirection errors if it has.

The process of fix the errors on Google search console is exactly the same as we above methods, which mean you can use this method to fix the problem that you have on the GSC.

redirect error

It looking fine and there is no problem found here so it is really good.

Crawl Error

It looks great there is no problem found here.

Server Error

Server error is not a big problem is usually will disappear itself when everything going right and procession good, So we need to worries much about this problem.

search console server errors


Use Search Console as SEO Tools

In Google search console overview reports there are the search queries tracking that helps you to optimize website SEO with the keywords that you had ranked on the SERP.

You will see keywords that you had rank on the Google search result page list under the overview and this tells you what happened on your website with search ranking such as Keywords that got impressions, CTR, and ranking positions.

You find out the keywords that your website got low CTR less than 4% percents and re-optimize those keywords with post and make it more thorough then update that post and wait about a couple of weeks you will see the result.

Google search console ranking trackin

Your website ranking positions may clam up.

…but after you have done update your old post with the keywords that related to your article and you have to Fetch that URL on the Fetch as ULS section.

White couple of weeks you will see the result.

By doing this your website will get more organic traffics and improve ranking positions on the SERPs of Google and another search engine.



Here is all the thing that I had done with own website on the search console and if anything that thought I had missing please give us feedback and if you like it leaves a comment, share it to let your friends know about this.

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