How Many Backlinks Do I need to Rank On the 1st Page of Google

How many Backlinks to Rank on the first page of Google

is the most frequently asking question because it is not easy to get a web page to ranking on the SERP nowadays.

Because of Google had update lots of ranking algorithm to make more values for their user in search term and ensure that result of the search is 100% match.

And Backlinks also effect on the ranking SERP too that why many people are looking for link building opportunity to make their blog content getting rank higher on the SERP position. 

How Many Backlinks I need to Rank a page?

There is no exact answer for this question but Backlink use to build authority of your site the more domain authority your site score you have the better your content position will rank.

What is domain authority?
Domain authority is the metric by Moz’s software to calculate your website backlink profile and scale the score of your site authority begin from 1 to 100 score.

So the main point of link building is to improve our website domain authority when ever we had very high domain score then it will getting much more easy to rank than domain just has low authority score.

How to increase Domain Authority Fast?

The main ways of increasing your domain authority fast is to get backlinks from the website that has also high domain score because it really valued to for your website and effect for you domain authority.

Keep building more high quality links to your website it the better ways that hlep your website increase fast.

For check your domain authority you can go to to see how your domain authority rank.

How to get high quality backlinks?

There is a several ways that you build more high quality backlinks from high domain authority sites.

– Guest Post contribution

Guest post for backlink the best ways to get natural in content backlink from another website and it is really good quality backlink that you much have by doing.

So make sure you will help to try to make backlink from the sites that are relevant to your blogging niche and make as many as you can.

Sharing Infographic 

Infographic use to details ways of processing what something going to be done and it also the better way that you can earn more links by post a infographic on your content by adding the embed code to allow ready can share this infographic on their website.

There is tools that help you build your beautiful infographic very fast.

– Commenting Backlink

Commenting on other website blog also a good ways that help us earn more backlinks to our site and this method are really popular it use by almost every blogger on their link building strategies.

There is high quality strategy for comment backlink that make your website authority increasing very fast.

What to do for high quality comment backlink? 

First you need to find your competitor URL then what you have to do is just going to Ahrefs Backlink Checker.

how many backlinks

What you have to do just input your competitor URL then click on the check backlinks button after that you will see the list of the backlink that they have then what you have to do find out the links that have high domain rate score for high quality comment backlinks.


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Make sure that how many backlinks do I need to rank is no exactly answer for this question and what we build backlinks because we want our website to increase domain authority score.

Whenever our website has high domain authority the better ranking position the site will get on SERP.

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