6 Powerful Tips: To Boost Website Page Speed In 2018

I guess you wondering about your website page speed.

Today I will walk you throw of the ways how to boost website page speed. It really impacts your website SEO.

Back in 2010, Google has announced the page speed of your website is one of the most important factors to be rank your website on Google itself. Page speed is about the loading of your web page that visitors come to and waiting for the load.

Fastest page speed loading is not only helped your ranking but it also increases your sale. Why?  in this decade people likely the site has very good speed and they don’t waste their time of waiting for the slow site. Such as you and me, I believed.

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So let jump in…

We need to optimize your website for good speed. When you have very good page speed of your website it will give you benefits of SERP ( Search Engine Ranking Page ). It’s also good for your blog SEO it will boost your website ranking. So there are multiple ways that you must do to boost your website page speed.

How to Boost Website Page Speed

Boost Website page speed

There are a lot of things that make your website slow down because of you not optimized things well.  So below recommendations will help you to boost your website page speed well. You must follow all the steps to get the right ways of optimizing your web page for the speed and decrease the loading time of your website.

1. Choose Best Web Hosting Plan

Hosting also one of the most impact of your website speed. If you choose not a right hosting provider or hosting plan you will effective to your website speed too. You must check clearly about the hosting provider before start host your website with. Because there are lots of web hosting provider out there it could make you difficult to pick one of the best web hostings.


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You can use Siteground, Bluehost, or Inmotionhosting for hosting your website because these hosting providers are great for your website speed.

2. Use Tools to improve your website Speed

There are free tools to check your website speed and it could help you how to and where you can fix the data that makes your website decrease the loading speed. It is really great for you to use and free but it really works. You can use Google Page Insight Developer or GTmetrix to check your website speed. I really love these two tools because it works great for me and I always use them to check my website speed.

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3.Use Caching Plugin

Caching plugin is really useful and important for your WordPress website because it helps you to cache your website data and boost website page speed. There are two best-caching plugins you should pick one and both of them are great. These two plugins have 1 million installs and activate. It became the most popular plugin for every blogger.

So WP Super Cache & W3 Total Cache is the best recommendation for the caching plugin. It works great for everyone.

4. Optimize Image for Speed

Images that you had uploaded to your website also could slow down your website if you don’t optimize them well. You can use the software or photo editors like Adobe Photoshop or other to edit or resize your photo before upload it to your website.

And there is a good WordPress plugin that helps your website to optimize your image on your website. It will help you to boost website page speed. The plugin is Smush It, you can download and install it on your website and enjoy optimizing your image this plugin.

Other recommend for you the also a great plugin with help your website load faster. It a lazy load plugin this works great because it will load an image only when you scroll until that image. you can download BJ Lazy Load plugin and install it on your website it will speed your website.


5. Use Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Now let imagine if your website data center and server located in New York, It should load fastest at there because of the IP request take the very short amount of time to travel from the server to their computer.

But if the user in England wants to visit your website, So the web page data must travel from New York to England and stop along with multiple routers. Sound so far right?

So what the CDN does it the copy you web page data and store them on their server and located around the world so the user can visit our website very fast. Because CDN provider stores your website data one their server everywhere in the world.

So it will boost your website page speed much for faster than your original server. There a lot of CDN providers out there. Such as Akamai, Amazon CloudFront, and Cloudflare. Those CND providers are great you can pick for your favorite.

6. Optimize Your Database

The database also impacted your website speed. You need to have a plugin that cache your database to keep your website running fast. There is a great plugin for database caching it works fine for your website and you have to install for increase your website speed. WP-Optimize is a plugin that you can download install on your website the database caching term.

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