How Do I Get My Website on the First Page of Google

Today I will share my knowledge about how do I get my website on the first page of Google? – Rank on the first page of Google is not easy you need to do very well on SEO practice.

Because Google has a ton of ranking factors and algorithm to crawl only the valued content to make Result of a search for the researcher.

But there is some strategy that helps yours to rank on the first page on Google with technical practices.

It was my experiment that had done on my website and I was got the best result of Google Ranking.

So today I will share all my history of how do I get my website on the first page of Google and it could be done some of the SEO techniques. You also should do it on your website too to get on the first page on Google.

You will get a ton of the Organic search traffics from Google if you rank on the first page in the result search engine.


How Do I Get My Website on the First Page of Google


Get my website on the first page of Google

On the screenshot about I rank on the first of Google in term of “WPEngine Vs Kinsta” keywords. Even I don’t get number one on Google but I still get on the first page of it.

There are multiple strategies that I use to get my website on the first page of Google search result page.

But today I will share you all…

….And every step are really useful to improve your organic search and SERP these strategies not only worked with Google but it also works fine with another search engine too.

It really valuable method that we need to do on every signal post on our website to get a higher ranking.

Why on the first page of Google?

Get your website on the first page of Google SERP is really important because it will generate you traffics to come to your website.

While you people come to your website you may improve your sale whatever you want to sell your products on your site.

The short answer to this question is when we get our website on the first page of Google we will get more traffics organically from Google and it may improve our sell.

So let dive right in how do I get my website on the first page of Google.

  • Keyword Research
  • Use Powerful SEO Tool
  • Write Better content
  • On Page Optimization
  • Website Page Speed


5 Ways to Get My Website On the First Page of Google

Let’s begin…

1. Keyword Research

First thing before we start writing content we need to do the keyword research to know how many people are searching for our target keywords (search volume) monthly…

 get my website on the first page of Google

…And also want to know how much that keyword difficulty to rank on the search engine.

The most important on keyword researching is find the ideas of starting content with the right targeted keywords on our post.

It also improves your ranking on search engine. while you target with the trending keyword and you write more informative and high-quality content.

How to do keyword research?

There are multiple Keyword research tools that allow you to find the best keyword for your blog post and get your website ranking on the search more better position.


Let’s get to know about keyword research tools.

Google keyword planner is the powerful keyword research tool that provided by Google itself to help business owner improve the ranking and sell.

Google keyword planner

You can use the keyword planner tool to get the best result of the keyword researching…

…And it a free tool that helps you better in term of the keyword research to make your target keywords right and get the better result on SERP.


SEMrush is the powerful & All in One SEO tool that allows their user to find the best keyword and many things on SEO term on SEMrush…

Get my website on the first page of Google

…And it also provided a powerful feature like competition, backlink profile, domain analyze, and much more on SEMrush.

In this case, we use SEMrush as keyword research to find the search volume, keyword difficulty, and CPP.

Because we are only talking about the keyword researching, I want you to use SEMrush as a keyword research tool.

But if you want to know more about SEMrush we will make a content about how to use it in later time.


KWfinder is an awesome keyword research tool and also my favorite one of the recommendation about the keyword research tool.

This is another option for the keyword research that you can use to find the good keyword before you getting start you new content for your website.

How to Do Right Keyword Research for SEO

The first thing you need to pick one of the top keyword research then we will start the keyword researching strategies.

In this case, I use KWfinder to do my keyword research for my website content On Page SEO to improve my ranking on search engine.

After you go to KWfinder ready and then you have to type the keyword you wanted to search in the keyword text input area…


…And then you have to click on the Find Keywords button on the right side.

After you see the list of the keyword search result and related keyword with your targeting there.

Kwfinder keyword research

At the right side, you will also see the difficulty score of your targeting keyword that you had searched on KWfinder.

This score tells how hard we can rank on the search engine and tell us we should write about it or not.

Get my website on the first page of Google

Bellow that we also can see who is rank on the first page of the search engine in the keywords.

It helps us to do the competition with them.
The first thing we need to read their article and then write more informative then them and then within a few weeks you will see the result.

get on the first page of Google


Now we move to the important part of the keyword research which we will filter out all the result that is listed.

You have to click on the result filter button then we will able to filter out the keyword in the list.

In this case, we need to do the filter the keyword difficulty between 35 to 50 which is really great for us to rank on search engine.

KWfinder keywords filter

After click on the Set filter button then it will show the keyword difficulty filtered and pick the best for your post and integrate into your post title and your article.

  • Use LSI Keywords 

LSI keywords help you to rank higher…

…And to get my website on the first page of Google I also use LSI keyword within my content to make it more SEO friend for the search engine to rank.

LSI keyword is actually told Google to understand the connection keywords and help Google fast understand of your content and make the decision to rank your website.

There is the tool that you can find the LSI keyword faster online which help you save more time of researching those LSI keywords.

So today tool we are going to use the LSIgraph.

This tool helps me a lot in term of LSI keyword researching…

get my website on the first page of Google

…And when I found the keywords from LSIgraph then I try to integrate those in keyword within my content and make it super thorough.

  • Use the Google Related Search Keyword

Google related search helps us to find the right phrase and sentence that people are exactly asking on Google and we can use it make it as our targeting keyword for our content.

To make it more SEO friendly optimization and get a higher rank.

get my website on the first page of Googleget my website on the first page of Google

While we integrate all of these keywords within our content it makes you make our content much more valuable and get the best better SEO Optimization…

…And it will boost your SERP ranking on Google.

2. Use Powerful SEO Tool

semrush or ahrefs

I also use the SEO Tools like SEMrush, Ahrefs to find my competitor and do the competition with them.

Use the SEO tools also help me to get more ideas of generating content and knew what my competitors are doing on their site to get my website on the first page of Google.

In this case, I use SEMrush to find my competitors and do the competition with them…

…And I also highly recommend using SEMrush And Ahrefs because these two SEO software databases are great for us.

These two companies help a lot of online business get more traffic and generate more sell.

So it became the powerful SEO Tool around the online marketing and business.


3. Write Better Content

Content is really important for online marketing…

content marketing

…And you can get people to know your brand with the amazing content of your website.

So write a good content also good for me that get my website on the first page of Google when I get make SEO friendly for the search engine to rank.

When you produce a ton of Google content and give values, more information and more in-depth you then get rank higher on Google.

But it not enough that you only get traffic from Google. You will also get more traffic from social media like facebook, twitter, Linkedin & more…

Because your visitors like your content then why they share that on the social network to there friend and the people around their connection to know about your content.

How to get my content more informative and super thorough?

To make your content more in dept and valuable for your visitor you need to write a good amount of words which is between 800 to 2000 words.

When among the amount of these words in your content and it more information to your visitor Google will your content higher position in the search result.

Check the Graph of content position…

get my website on the first page of Google


This graph is displayed the total words count and google ranking positions when you reach up to this number of content.

But make sure you also need to optimize very well on your On-page SEO too.

If you want to rank this position on the search engine like Google.


4. On Page SEO Optimization

get my website on the first page of Google

On Page SEO optimization is really important for search engine ranking.

In this case, you need to optimize very of your on-page optimization and must be done very perfect.

If you not sure about the on-page SEO optimization we also provide content to cover this out to help you make your post more SEO friendly.

– Also Read: 10 Ways to Improve your website On Page SEO Optimization

What I have done with my website On page SEO to get my website on the first page of Google.

Check out the key to the on-page optimization I had done…

  • Included targeting keywords in the title of the page or post
  • Included targeting keywords in the meta description of the page or post
  • Included targeting keywords in the permalink of the page or post
  • Included targeting keywords in the subheading (H1, H2, and H3) within your content
  • I link to the external resource to help my visitor more trusted
  • Internal Link building ( Link to the post that relevant to within your words and phrase)
  • Included target keywords in image alt attribute.

To help me out of the on-page SEO optimization much faster I use the Rank Math WordPress SEO Plugin. This WordPress SEO plugin is just released by Mytheme Shop and you can find it there to get this plugin for install on your website.

Some of the bloggers are using Yoast SEO Plugin and I had also used in the past but I just move to Rank math SEO plugin.

This plugin tells me all the on-page SEO technical issues and helps me to fix very fast because all the issues I know the place that needs to fix…

…And get my website on the first page of Google. 

5. Website Page Speed

Web page speed is just so important ranking factor by Google so if you miss out the factor will not ranking well on the SERP page.

You must optimize your website very well for the speed loading time.

There are multiple tools that you can check your website page speed and those tools will help to solve the page loading slow problem.

You can find out why your website loading slow by using the most useful tools that every blogger and SEO expert are using to find out why it loading slow on your website page.

You can use the Google Page Speed insights developer, GTMetrix, and Pingdom to find how your website page speed loading slow and fix out all of the problems that these tools told you.

I also use this method to get my website on the first page of Google because it is the very important factor that Google uses to rank websites.

Sometimes website also related to your hosting plan, so what you have to do is pick the website hosting plan.


Here some resource you need to check out:


All you need to do is just improve your website page speed to get your website rank higher on Google.


So what I have done to get my website on the first page of Google is I use all of these strategies and help me boost ranking on Google and another search engine.

And when you practice all of these methods you will get the result like I had to get my website on the first of Google too.

I hope you also get the same results as what I had done my experiment on this task.

And I hope to hear from you all about my sharing story about how do I get my website on the first page of Google.

If you have any thoughts and ideas or you want to ask any question just leave a comment below I will respond as soon as possible.



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