How to Make Money From Your Blog [ Tips & Tricks]

You have the blog and it the time that you want to earn some revenue from it. There are lots ways that can make money from your blog. Which is today topic we are going to walking throw the step by step of how to make money from your blog?

Now your blog is really good quality and has a ton of traffics coming to your website daily, so it an opportunity to make money from it throw your customer by advertising the ads from the adverting network.

make money from blogInternet good for people also you and me nowadays and there is a lot of business spend a ton of money to advertise their brand and sale online. So you can apply to one of the most popular advertisement networks that you thought it is great for you and give a good amount of revenues. There is also an affiliate that allows you to make money from your blog by selling the relevance products of the blog niche that are doing right away.

How to Make Money from Your Blog in the right ways.


The first thing you need to know about kind of advertising network because they are different type ads company out there. You not only can make money with the ads network provider but you also could earn money with affiliate program.

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For the affiliate program, it depends on what niche you are targeting and you can share the products that relevance to your topic whenever your reader make any purchase you will earn the commission from the company.

  • So now we will detail you about what the different from Ads network and Affiliate program.

What is Ads Network?

Ads network a company that provided the ads service and allow bloggers to place the ad on their website and monetize them to the reader and blogger will earn the money from the ad if visitors click on the ad ( PPC) or  they click on the ad and take action on the advertiser website that blogger get paid.

What is Affiliate Program?

When we coming to affiliate program we are talking about the commission. When you share products and services on your blog from the company that provides you an affiliate program. So when you visitor buys that product or service you will get commision from them like Amazon and more.

What type of Ads do you want to monetize on Your blog?

There are multiple ads types that you should know before you starting to monetize them on your blog. Because there are the different company that provided ads service and abet different from each other. Below are the details of ad types that you should know.

  • PPC ( Pay Per Click)
  • CPA ( Cost Per Action )

List Of Best PPC Ads Network

List Of Best CPA Ads Network

Best Affiliate Program List

You can find the ways how to make money from your blog throw all of these adverting network or the affiliate program. You also can make money with ads monetize ads on your website and affiliate program at the same it doesn’t matter it up to you.

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