How to Setup Basic SEO Optimize for Your Website?

Do you have a website right? And you are a beginner of blogger, but did you know SEO and How to optimize your website with SEO?

Many newbie bloggers are don’t know how to optimize their website and how SEO is really important for the website. Also, they may wonder what SEO is. Don’t worry today content we will explain to you all of these things and you will clearly understand what you had wondered in the past.

So let’s start….

What is SEO & Why It Important?

SEO is Search Engine Optimization, It is really important for your website to getting ranked on Google or another search engine. We need to optimize our website very well to get rank

basic seo optimize

on Google because Google ranking algorithm is really smart of checking the quality of the site to rank on their result page. They pick only a good quality website and the ranked website on page listing is because they had optimized SEO on their website very well.


Google ranking factors they just get the quantity but quality because they want to give their users the best result. So it not easy to get ranked on Google page one if you don’t know the ways to optimize SEO for your website. There are multiple types of SEO that you should know and do with your website before your site get ranked.

  • On Page SEO ( Optimize Directly On Your Website )
  • Off Page SEO ( Optimize Outside your Website )

There are more options in each of these which we will describe later on this content and every single point are really important for your website to get traffics come to your site Google ranking.

How to Optimize SEO for Beginner? (Basic SEO Optimize)

  1. Submit Your Website to Webmaster Tool

This step is really important for the SEO it could help search engine to crawl your website data such as post, page and everything on your website. You must submit your website to webmaster tool if you not yet done that because it is the ways to telling Google that your website has a special thing there. So Google can easily rank your website with the term of the keyword you are targeted.

Submit Your website on Google Search Console Click Here


  1. On Page SEO
  • Keyword Research ( Search For the Best Keyword for Your Post & Page )
  • Post Title Optimization ( Optimize Your target Keyword you want to rank for with title)
  • Meta Description Optimization ( Write the descriptions include the keyword you want to rank for)
  • Permalinks ( Included Keyword within your posting link & make it short)
  • Image Alt Text ( Include targeted keyword in image alt text)
  • Internal Links Building ( Link to another post or page you want to rank )
  • External Links Building ( Better Resource for Reader )
  • Spelling & Grammar checking tool (It really important to check your spelling & grammar it good for SEO.)
  • Yoast SEO Plugin ( A plugin that analyzes your post SEO and tells how to change and fix you’re on the page to get better SEO Optimize).

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