How to do Keyword Research that Drive Tons of Traffic

As we know content is a king that get people come to your business website or a blog, at the same time keyword also important to drive traffic to content and website. Why?

Because keyword is the word or phrase that people are asking search engine before they can come to your website content if they never know your website or blog before.

So that why keyword research is really important for our content search engine optimization.


The keyword research is the ways that let you find the best keyword that drives tons of traffics to your website.

By doing keyword research it can make you clearly understand what your competitors doing and find ways to compete with them.

There are some popular keyword research tool that help you find the best keyword for target on your new content for the search engine ranking. 

And all of these tools will find the keyword difficult, competition on the target and much more…

Let getting start…


How to Do Best Keyword Research

keyword research

As keyword is really important of the website ranking and SEO we had covered the best keyword research tool and the strategies that will help you find the best keyword with the low competition and get a ton of traffic to your website.

The are lots of tools that we can use to do keyword research for your new content and find the keyword that get low keyword difficult, less competitor, search volume and more…

And we will getting deep to this below in this article to find the best keyword that drive you tons of traffic to your blog. 

So let’s understand what we going to do on keyword researching at list below so that we can move on…


  • Search Volume - Looking on how many search per monthly of the target keyword.
  • Keyword Difficulty - Looking on how hard of your target keyword to ranking on search engine.
  • Find Competitor - Find the competitor that already ranking on your target keyword to be compete.
  • CPC - Pay per click if you want to paid for you Google to ranking the keyword you targeting.

As we had mention above that there is the keyword research tool that you can using to help you find the keyword that drive traffic from search engine.

So today I will bring some of the best keyword research tool most marketer using and recommend to many people like you.

Some keyword research tool free and some are paid but the is free option limitation of using.

Do the Right Keyword Research

Today I am picking the Ubersuggest as my keyword researching tool and and use this tool as an example of find the good keyword for our new content.

ubersuggest keyword research

Ubersuggest is not just only keyword search tool it a powerful SEO tool

that introducing by one of the marketer and SEO Neil Patel.

You can use this tool to do many search engine optimization strategies to make your blog get higher ranking on Google.

I really like to use this SEO tool because it provide me the easy ways of information about my blog search engine optimization.

This is a free keyword research tool that you can use to boost your website ranking and increase more sale.

So in this article we’ll focus on the keyword research on this platform to find the best keyword that drive us a ton of traffic.

Let’s getting start….

So to start using this tool for researching keyword then you need to go to the Ubersuggest website. 

After you go to Ubersuggest you will see the site come a long with search bar and what you have to just type in the keyword that your want to searching for into it then click on the search button…

After that you will see the result of the keyword that you had searched on this tool and then it is the thing that we’re going to focus on.


Here is the result of the keyword research and this tool provide really good performance of the result such as the search volume, SEO Difficulty, Paid Difficulty, and CPC as you can see at top image.

It provide very clean information with the value of the keyword and at below that you will find the more information such graphic of search volume and more… 

This graphic is show you the value of the search volume monthly which let you know how many people are searching for this keyword per month.

So you can exactly know how many people are searching for the keyword that you want to target with for your new content.

And below this graphic section you will find the keyword idea this really good section which allow you find the relevant keyword of your targeting right now. 

keyword research

And this section is come a long with the trend of the keyword information, search volume, CPC, and SEO Difficult score.

So this keyword Ideas is important? It really great question because this can be the resource of your target keyword. 

1.  If your target keyword has SEO difficulty score so high then you can find the relevant keyword in the Keyword Idea section and choose the low SEO difficulty score to target for your new content.

2. You can pick the high research volume of the keyword idea provided keywords to integrate within your content to make search engine optimization friendly. 

Now this keyword idea is not only use for this but it really great tool that you can find the your competitor within this targeted keyword.

Actually when you search for any keyword the main of your searched keyword is stay on the top list of keyword idea section. 

Then you have to click on that keyword to find how many website are ranked on this keyword and make strategies.

keyword research idea

After you had click on this your target keyword on the top list of the Keyword Idea section it show the new section at the right side.

It is your competitors site and the top ten Google SERP that has already ranking on this keyword, It is really important to keyword.

Competitive Keyword Analyze

ubersuggest serp

This section is provided the most important idea that your competitor have and if your want to ranking you need to have thing better then them.

So how to use this for keyword research strategies? 

There is two important thing that you need to pay attention on within this section if you want to compete your competitor.

1. Links – link state is the value that your competitors has backlink from another website that linking to them and this really important because it the most important factor that Google use to rank a site. 

If they have lots of backlinks then it abet difficult for you to rank for this keyword that ways to compete with them is just build good quality backlink to your article.

2. Domain Score (DS) – Pay attention with this because it really important for you to understand how high your competitors domain score is, If they have very high domain score will be not able to compete with them if your website has low domain score. 

3. Read your competitor content – Read some of the competitor article that had ranking on the top ten SERP and then make a better content then them to compete with them.

The way you can do is just improve your domain score by producing the good quality content to your website for building authority.

If your competitor has this two so high I recommend you not to focus this target keyword for now until your website have high domain score.

How to Do Right Keyword Research?

So let’s talking about how to do the right keyword research that benefit for your content SEO and get rank fast on Google. 

There are lots of things that we should taking care about on keyword researching to find the right keyword for targeting. 

1. Search Volume – We need to pay attention on how many people are searching for your main keyword per month and it should be 1000 search volume per month at less for you getting start with that keyword.

2. Low SEO Difficulty Score (SD) –  If you want to get rank fast on the SERP  of your new content targeted keyword you need to find the keyword that has good amount of SD. 

3. Use Keyword Idea (in Ubersuggest) to ingrate the relevant keyword with your content to make search engine optimization friendly. 

4. Go and read some of the top ten that ranked on Google article and see what they have what they don’t have and make a better content and more in-dept then them. 

5. Take look at the top ten ranked on the your target keyword content backlink that they have to make strategies of link building.


LSI Keyword Research

LSI keyword is the long tail keyword or question that people are asking on search engine.

So now let use Google to find the LSI keyword for integrate on your content to make it more search engine visibility and get rank on the SERP fast.

Go to Google and search in your target keyword then scroll down and find the Google suggestion. 

google keyword suggestion

You will find the exact keyword that people are asking on Google and then try to integrate those keyword within your article and it will help your SEO getting better for search engine.

LSI keyword

There is the tool that let you find LSI keyword really fast and this work really good in LSI keyword researching.

It is LSI Graph – with this tool you find the LSI and most question that people are on the search engine.

get my website on the first page of Google

Find the most useful keyword that this tool provided and integrate those keyword on your on-page SEO optimization to make it better for search. 

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