Top 5 Landing Page builder for WordPress

You want to build the landing page that generates lead and convert like crazy?

Anyways whether you want to build a landing page to increase email list, sale product and generate leads these landing page builder will help you all of these and turn your idea to the real the professional looking website without any coding experience with the landing page builder plugin front-end editing.

There are several landing page builder plugin that we will cover in this article to help you pick one of the best in your opinion, and we also include the comparison features of every plugin so you check and choose the right one.

What is a Landing Page Builder?

Landing Page Builder is a plugin that allows you to build a professional page very easy and no coding knowledge, You can build the page you want by just use the drag and drop tool that landing page builder plugin provided and edit them the ways you want.

The Best Landing Page Builder Plugin Comparision

At the below section we will know all the most popular landing page plugin that many people are using on their website to create a landing page for free and make it look more professional for the user experience.

We will walk throw one by one with the features or pros and cons to make you do a very clear decision on choosing one of these landing page builders.

1. Elementor

landing page builder

You can build a Landing page the way you want by using Elementor landing page builder plugin it really simple and easy to use by just using drag and drop the available tool that plugin had provided.

Elementor is the best landing page builder that we also use this plugin to build the best landing page for our website SEO Relation here. All of our landing pages are created with Elementor and everything has done really simple and super easy because of this plugin provided the best drag and drop interface and what I have to do is just edit text, image, and more…

The Features that available on Elementor plugin

  • Drag & Drip Editor
  • 15 Workflow features
  • 12 Design Features - such as background, Background Overlay, and more.
  • 7 Marketing tool that help yous build a marketing landing page for free.
  • Theme Builder - For Pro Vesion
  • E-commerce for Pro
  • And More...

2. Beaver Builder

landing page builder

Beaver Builder also the most important landing page builder plugin that you can choose to build your professional page or post. This plug in also provide the free and paid option so you just try out without payment and if you like it later you upgrade to pro version.


It also provide the drag and drop editor to help you build page very simple and easy to use, Beaver Builder is another options that you choose as website page builder.

Feature On Beaver Builder 

  • Drag & Drip Editor
  • Build Landing page that generate lead, convert, growth email list, and sale.
  • Build professional landing very fast and simple to use
  • Email Marketing Integration
  • E-commerce
  • And much More...

3. Thrive Architect

Thrive Architect is one of the most popular landing page builder platform it helping people to build page that look more professional and turn people idea to the real looking website.

You can do many thing with this plugin and make the page you love with simple ways of the drag and drop editor. There are so many blogger and business owner using this platform to help them build the page that convert, generate lead, and growth mailing list.

Feature that provided on Thrive Architect

  • Drag & Drip Editor
  • Create High Convert Home Page
  • Write A Beautiful Post that get Traffic and Share
  • Webinar Pages, Product Launch Pages & More…
  • E-commerce
  • And much More...

4. Leadpage

landing page builder for wordpress

Leadpage is another landing page builder alternative  to build your own professional looking page to engage audience and give good experience of performance on your site. This platform are build for get high covert home page, growth mailing list and much more.

For creating a landing page on this page is not much different then other platform it use the drag and drop too to make you user getting easy of building the page or post.

All Feature on Leadpage platform 

  • Drag & Drip Editor
  • Create High Converting Home Page
  • Write A Beautiful Post that get Traffic and Share
  • Collect Quaility Lead
  • Engage Your Audience
  • And much More...

5. Instapage

best landing page plugin

Intapage is also the most popular platform that help you get high-converting home page and post that can engage your visitors and convert them to a customer of your business. This platform a powerful landing page builder for WordPress that many people are recommending to use.

Feature on Instapage 

  • Drag & Drip Editor
  • Create High Convert Home Page
  • Create and update post-click landing pages in minutes
  • Streamline the review process with real-time collaboration
  • Convert more leads with customizable forms
  • Ensure brand compliance with precision design features
  • And More...

How to choose the right Landing page builder platform

This the basic thing that you should understand before you start picking the landing page builder for WordPress website and it also important part to avoid the mistake of choosing wrong platform.

So you need to find out the page builder that have some of the important feature bellow before you pick it.

1. Choose the platform that have Drag & Drop editor– this will help you to build page really fast and super easy to use.

2. Choose the page builder that has Email Marketing software integration – You need to looking at this point as well because it important for building page that of email collection.

3. SEO Optimized – This is really important because it impact your website site ranking, so make sure you need to check this point as well.


After you had reading across this article we hope that you will find one of your favorite landing page builder for your WordPress website and use it to build your success project with these plugin.

It really useful and the best WordPress Plugin that you must have one on you single website. Please let use know if you have any question on picking up the landing page platform by leave a comment below and we will response to you as soon as possible.

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