My Four Favorite Link Building Tactic Reveal

Are you struggling on link building tactics for brand new website and wondering how to can more backlinks with high quality fast?

Today I will reveal all of my four favorite link building tactics that I had use to build more high quality link to my website super fast and it help me to increase my domain authority score.

Let’s Understanding why we should have high quality backlinks?

High quality backlinks can help your domain authority improving and it also effect to your search ranking position which mean increase your organic search traffic from search engine.

The more backlinks you have the more higher your ranking on the search engine SERP you will get.

Where should I get Backlinks?

There are lots of place that you can get backlink such as forums, blog guest, commenting, and more. But to get those links we need to use really good tactic to get them from any other site.

Because of link building now is not easy to build like past 10 years and search algorithm also get lots of change to make sure they bring the best result for the user.

So need to build strategies that helps get them with good quality for help our website increase the search ranking position on the SERPs.

4 Favorite Link Building Tactics I use

Now we at the beginning of processing to learn about link building tactics that will help us to build them in nicely strategies.

Today I will covered the four favorite link building tactics that I had also way use to build my own website backlinks.


Let’s getting start.

Before we start let see the quick preview of the process that we will start make backlink from then we will able to start the explanation of those method.

  • Guest Blogging
  • Infographic
  • Testimonial
  • Commenting Backlink
But ways of doing this we need some of the tool to helps us getting only the high quality backlinks to our site. So the tool we will use is Ahrefs Backlink Checker it used to check our competitor backlinks and find the opportunity for link building.

1. Guest Post Blogging

Guest Post is one of the most popular and long term link building strategy that use by all blog owner to earn a permanent backlink.

This is really ways that we can earn link with the high quality selected site for only high authority as we can.

Because not all the website are accept the guest post contribution so we need to find the website which allow guest contribute with good amount of domain authority like the score 30 or more then that.

To find guest post blogging opportunity you also can use the best SEO tool like SEMRush or Ahrefs this tool can help us to find the site with their large database of site indexing data.

And another method you can use to find the free guest post site is by joining the facebook group, there are lots of group available there for you to join and find the relevant niche of yours.

2. Infographic

Infographic a good ways that we can earn link by adding them on our new blog post content and use the plugin that generate link for them to let people share able.

The best wordpress plugin that you can use for generating a link for share able of this infographic is Embed generator

3. Testimonial

Give a products of services good review or feedback testimonial is the best ways that you will feature on the website Testimonial page and they will link back to your website.

This is the good opportunity that help us earn more quality backlinks and from high authority site by give them a good review as testimonial.

4. Commenting Backlinks

Comment on another website blog is really good ways to build more backlink to your website because most of the site that build with WordPress platform on the comment section are also user to input domain URL too.

But the best link building tactics that help you earn high linking from comment is to use the tool for finding the high authority score site.

We will use the Ahrefs Backlink checker to find out the domain high authority for commenting. 

First you need to have your competitor domain URL and you must enter the the domain of your competitor in search back.

link building tactics

After you had entered the domain there then click on Check Backlinks button the see the links that point to them.

You will see the list of the there but what you have to do is just checking on the DR (Domain Rate) for only high domain rating meaning that we should find out the at less 30 domain rate up for commenting links.


Finally I hope you will learn something new for link building tactics to earn more backlink for your website to increase your search visibility.

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