6 Off-page SEO Tips Every Marketer Should Know

Digital marketing and off-page SEO is all the rage these days and there are certain elements that it cannot do without:

  • SEO
  • Content
  • PPC

Each element is very important for a successful campaign/business or website. If you lag in any of the above-mentioned features, your rankings will suffer and your business will not do well.

You do not want that for yourself, do you? With more and more businesses operating online now, there is a robust competition amongst competitors to make it to the top of search engine results page.

For example, you search for Cox bundle deals and the page/site for this particular query of yours shows up on the second or third spot on the result page.

This implies that the company is doing well when it comes to following the SEO guidelines.

And if you are wondering what makes a page breakthrough the clutter, then here are some of the tips for Off-page SEO that you should keep in mind.

6 Tips Off-page SEO that every marketer should know

Off-page SEO

Look Out for Pre-Curated Blogs

Majority of the times, if not all, you will find that there have already been blogs written about the topic that you are about to pen down your thoughts about.

You need to find these blogs online read them or go through them and build links with bloggers or companies that you think will aid in your company/website gaining a high rank as well.

It is very simple to do so. All you need to do is open Google and search for the best blogs on ‘ABC’ topic.

Do not be surprised when a long list of blogs is displayed before you. These blogs are now going to help you.

Click on any one website/blog and search for backlinks.

Many times links to the bloggers’ websites or any other famous website are incorporated in the text. Your task would be to extract all the relevant links and try to connect to these people via email.


However, remember to not ask for the favor in your very first email. That comes across as something that is selfish and greedy.

Try to talk to these bloggers (not all will respond so be prepared for that).

Once you develop a friendly relationship, talk business with the blogger in return for a favor that you can offer them.

This could include you promoting their website or offering your product to them in return for a shout out by them for your brand/website.

Remember, it is a give and takes process.

Give as Many Quality Testimonials That You Can

Giving reviews or testimonials to celebrated websites/blogs/companies is a very good practice to gain quality backlinks.

It is a very common practice amongst companies to dedicate a section on their website to customer reviews or testimonials.

Almost everyone reads a review before making a purchase that means this is a very good opportunity for you to tap your target audience.

In return, of the reviews that you post on your favorite company’s website, you get high-quality backlinks. A win-win situation? Definitely!

Reach Out for the Influencers

People these days believe more the words of an influencer than they do a relative’s or a friend’s. This is an opportunity for you to reach to more people.

All you have to do is create a community-driven section on your website. You will need to collaborate with influencers who will record testimonials or give reviews regarding your products/company.

The key here would be for you to highlight the feedbacks/votes/reviews that the influencers post in this section.

Once you are done, ask the influencers to share your blog/give a shout out to your product/company within their own circle.

If you have built a good relationship with the influencers, they will not hesitate in doing so.

Your convincing, as well as communication skills, are tested in this scenario.

Anyhow, if you succeed in convincing influencers to post/talk about your company on their blog, you have subscribed to gaining many more followers/customers.

Keep a Check on People Using Your Brand Name

Many times, it happens that people like your brand/company, talking about it and mentioning your name to others but are not providing a link to your page.

They do not do so intentionally. Majority of the times people forget to provide a backlink to the company/website they are talking about.

If you already have a fan following, then those people or companies will not mind providing a link to your website.

Therefore, it is important for you to keep out an eye for people who are talking about you. You can do it easily by using Google Alerts.

Write a Shareable Content

The content was, is and will always remain the king.

Hence, it is important for your company to come up with content that is unique enough for people to share it with their friends.

Once you do so, you will naturally attract more bloggers and companies that would want to collaborate with you.

And this would mean more high-quality backlinks for your website.

Social Networking

It is very important for you to engage your audience through your social media accounts as well.

When people will read your content on multiple platforms and you receive clicks from various IP addresses, it will make Google think that multiple visitors are visiting your page/website.

This will eventually help to improve your ranking.

And if you are already practicing the above-mentioned tips, you can try your luck on paid links to improve your ranking even further. Just like Cox bundle deals come as a 2-in-1 or 3-in-1 package, these tips would also help you if you use a combination of 3-4 or more of them to improve rankings.


Following all the steps above that, we had provided about the off-page SEO strategies then you will able to get the right ways of link building strategies.

If you like this off-page SEO tips please share this article to let your friends know about this as what you had known.

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