10 Ways To Improve Your website On Page SEO Optimization

I believe you had heard about On page SEO Optimization. But you may don’t know about how to optimize them for the better ranking.

On Page SEO is one of the most important ranking factors by Google and every blogger must really care about it. Because of this factor can improve your ranking and help your website get a lot of organics traffic.

You must optimize on page SEO very well if you wanted to get the better position of Google ranking.

So within this content, I encourage you the ways to get success with On page SEO optimization to boost your website ranking. Today I am going to share you with powerful strategies that you can improve your On Page SEO.

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There are multiple ways that you can optimize your On page SEO.  We will walk throw you on every single step that is requiring to help you get a better position rank on search engine.

– Let’s Getting Started….

10 Ways To Improve On Page SEO Optimization.

Page Speed

If your website doesn’t load fast you must optimize it for a better speed. Because of speed loading also effective to page ranking and can help your On-page SEO to boost your page ranking better position on Google.

You can use the free tools to check your website speed like Google Page Insights Developer Or GTmetrix. These tools will tell you what things that make your site loading slow. So you can optimize them step by step for the decrease your loading times.

If you don’t know how to optimize page speed we also provide content that helps you to optimize them.

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Page speed also one of the most useful ranking factor that Google uses to rank a website. In case we doing on-page SEO, we should also optimize our website page speed to boost the ranking.

For more information on how page impact to your SEO you can the infographic that will detail everything, you need to know about.

loading time infographic

Keyword Research

When we coming to SEO keyword research is the most important part that could improve your ranking. By using the keyword research you will get more ideas such as search volumes and CPC some keyword research also provided the which is ranking number one on search engine tool to let you check their content and you can make or optimize your content much better than them.

There are lots of Keyword Research tools out there that allow you to use and find search keyword suggestion idea. Some of them are free and some are paid version free version is Google Keyword Planner and the paid version is SEMrush, KWfinder,  LongTail pro, and Ahrefs.

You can use those keyword research tools to find the best keyword for your SEO and the SERP. These tools will help you boost your ranking when you optimize well with your on-page SEO Optimization.

All of these company also provided the keyword difficulty that can help to write or not write that article. Keyword difficulty is the method that tells you how much difficult to rank your content on the search engine. 


So by using the keyword SEO tool, you will get much more benefit on SEO term. This method is the ways that every SEO expert always introduce to every blogger and online marketers to practice for the on-page SEO term.

SEMrush is the best recommend SEO tool to find out SEO strategies by comparison with your competitors. You can search for the keyword that you want to write content about so SEMrush will show you the competitor that rank on that keyword that you finding.

The best practice for you is just to check out their content read them out and then write your content better than after publishing it on your website and wait for google index your content.

SEMrush will help you such as On Page SEO Optimization, link building strategy, and other SEO strategies.

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Post & Page Title:

In terms of On Page SEO Optimization, the title of your post and page is really important for the search engine ranking. You must include your target keyword into the title tag to improve your post for better SEO. So you post might be rank higher on the search engine.

Why is Post & Page Title important for SEO?

Search Engine has the ranking algorithm that calculates how well your content to be rank on the SERP. So to be rank better you need to optimize your website on every SEO even on the page or off the page. In case page title tag is the most important for your ranking because of it also the factor that Google algorithm us to crawl and rank your website in any keyword that user is searching for, then you must include your targeting keyword on the title tag for more SEO friendly and get a higher ranking on the search engine.

The ideal length is 50 – 60 characters. If your title tag exceeds 60 characters, Google will only show the first 60. Your entry in the results will look something like this:

title tags seo optimization

You can use the tool that can help to optimize your title tag like Moz Preview tool for better optimizing your title for the SEO.


You can use your targeting keyword with your permalink (URL) for more SEO friendly for the search engine.

permalink seo optimization

Permalink also important for the ranking so you must include the keyword there to get the higher rank by Google and you can make it short between 3 to 5 words is the best practice, you can see the above image that guy use only 3 words in his URL and those words is the keyword that he targeting for that content. Make sure your URL Super short and sweet for the search engine.

Meta Description

The meta description is really important for the SEO. You must include your targeting keyword within your meta description to make your search engine ranking better position. When you search in Google or another search engine you will see the result coming with the title tag, URL, and below of that is the meta description of that page. Search Engine will bold the keyword that has matched to a user searching keywords.

seo meta description

The meta description really values for the search engine to rank your website because of search engine algorithm and webmaster crawler will calculate all of your page value and on page SEO optimization then it decides how well your page and it great value enough for the user or not.

By doing that a good algorithm provides the user with the great value of the result. So we must optimize our website to fit with its algorithm if we want to rank higher in Google.

Heading Tags:

Within the page optimization, subheading tag is the main boosting your page ranking, we must include the target keyword within them well to help our page get good position ranking. You have to include subheading 1 to 4 subheading in every single post or page you create. But most of the people are using only

heading tag

The search engine will crawl all of your subheadings and calculate your results of ranking page position.

Image Alt text

When we published blog post we always insert image out there but some of you may don’t know that the image that you had uploaded can boost your search engine rank with the simple step to optimize for the SEO friendly.

When you uploaded an image in WordPress at the right side of the media you will see the empty text field out there excepted title field.

One of the empty text field called Alt Text is really important for your SEO, so in this field, you need to fill out the targeting inside that to make your image and photo SEO friendly for the search engine.

Wordpress SEO image alt text

Internal Link

Internal Linking is just important to SEO When you published article has the relevant words or phrase to another post on your website.

So you have to make linking from your new post to another old published post this strategy will help your page more SEO friendly for the search engine. You can link to that page that you wish to rank better. It is the best On-page SEO Optimization practice on your website.

Outbound Link

When we write an article we must have to link out to other people website and it as the resource for the more proof for our readers and that link out could be the reference for the reader. Make you sure link to that website as nofollow is a good practice.


Schema Markup

Schema markup is the ways that you can markup your article to perform well in search engine result page.

It a Rich Snippet usually, You also must pay attention with this because it can increase your click throw rate (CTR) and clam your ranking position.

You can use the best wordpress plugin to help you optimize your content with rich snippet and it has several plugin that you can start with.


Grammar is just important for the writing skill so search engine algorithm also calculates your writing grammar and it also the factor that search engine such as Google is using for the rank page. So the better recommendation is to use the Grammarly it free software that could help to write a better article with the very grammar technical. By practice these strategies you will boost your On-page SEO Optimization and rank better on the search engine.

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