How to Start A Blog The Right Ways

Do you want to start a blog the right ways?

Today we will walk you the throw the ways that you can create your own blog in the right ways. And this is really value article that you must pay attentions if you want to start blogging business.

My name is Jackson and today I will bring you to the step by step guide on how to start a blog in the right way with my  blogging experience that I had been blogging for a while.

I was start my first blog in 2016 and by the ways I had learn a lot of things that related with blogging such how to start a blog that drive more traffic and more…

And in this article I will share all to help you getting the same thing as I did on my blog to get success

What is A Blog ?

Blog is a website that focusing content writing, It can be a topic that admin interested in to write a bout. But blog can also a content marketing to help business website getting growth more audience from  writing content that related to your industry. 

How to Start A Blog ?

how to start a blog

Before you can start a blog you need to find the top you really passion about and good at that to tutoring people and topic very well. It can be any thing that you like then you will produce the content really well and you will do it will you love.

It better then just start with the thing that you don’t passionate because you will getting tired sometime so make you blog not blog for the reader.

So what you need to do is just pick the topic that you like and passion about then you ready to start a blog.

Choosing Blog Platform?

There a lot of content management system (CMS) but WordPress it only one that many people and business are using also recommend to as your blogging platform to the beginner blogger.


Because WordPress is really easy and simple to use you can build your personal and better looking website without any coding experience and there are lot of plugins that help you build your website performance the way you want.

WordPress Hosting

best wordpress hosting

What is WordPress Hosting?  It is the place that can store your website data such as content, image, video and more…

So to make your website live online you need to have hosting for make people accessible and see what things on your website.  So where to get the WordPress Hosting? 

There are lots of company that provide web hosting service and we will pick one of the best WordPress hosting provider that make your website running better.

So now we recommend you to pick Siteground as you hosting company because Siteground provide lots of great feature and offered a good amount of price. 

It not only my recommendation but also feature this hosting and recommend to WordPress user too you can startup with company as well, On our website now we also use Siteground as our web hosting.


You got to Siteground website by click on the button above, after we need to pick the WordPress Hosting plan that this company provided. 

So in this case we need to choose the WordPress Hosting as our website hosting then there is options that we can choose that in plan inside the WordPress Hosting.


how to start a blog

We can start with the pick up the  StartUp plan for our beginning blog and don’t worry about the plan that we are picking and can upgrade the other plan anytime you want when you growth you blog traffic.

Now after picked up the plan it time to choose a domain name for your website and it really important for use to remember your brand.

Choose Domain Name

What is domain name? Domain is a name of your website or URL that people can go to and access to your website data such as content, images and more… 

What the different between free domain and paid domain name? Actually a free domain is not looking clean and difficult for user to remember But paid once is it is really greate and easy to remember then the free one.

How to choose good domain name? It really simple you can choose a domain that related to blog niche or you can start up with your name for example Neil Patel he is a marketing and SEO expert he build a website that has domain in his name

siteground domain

After you choose your domain ready then click on proceed button move to the next step of hosting registration and payment options.

Then you will see the form that required you fill out all the information that need in that form, so what we have to do is just fill out your information that Siteground required.


Account Information

In this case you need to fill out the email address and password to register you new account on Siteground.


In the client information you need to fill out the personal information that had required such as name, address, coutry, zip code, phone number and more…

Payment information is require you to fill out valid credit card and the information of your credit debit card.

siteground purchase information

This purchase information is allow to see the details of the items that you have add to cart and ready pay and this extra service that they provide to let you add if need.

This is the final step that you need to agreed the term of services and privacy policy of Siteground and then just click on the Pay Now button.

After payment complete you will see your account page and then on that you need to click Account tap then you will see the Go to CPanel button what you have to just click on the button.

how to start a blog

After click Go to CPanel button then it bring you to your hosting CPanel area and on that you will see many tools are available there.

But in this case I want to you to focus on two section #1 is Auto Installer section and #2 Security section then will start the progress of building a WordPress blog. 

Now We have to go to Security section first because we are going to install SSL certificate for our website and this SSL certificate is really useful and important to your website ranking and SEO.

The site that that SSL certificate is can be a trust of user of visiting or purchase some from you and the site that have this certificate will look like this it start with HTTPS and it appear the paid lock in front of the URLs.

For un-secure site start with HTTP only ex: you may had seen when you visiting some of the website around the web. So let move to install the SSL certificate for your website.

How to start a blog

Son the security section you need to click on Let’s Encrypt and it bring you  to the SSL certificate Encrypt are and we will able to install the SSL certificate with one click installation.


To install the SSL certificate you just need to click on the install button and then everything is done after you will see the success message will popup.

how to start a blog

Then click OK button and now we are now of install SSL certificate for our blog then we move on to to start a blog installation on WordPress blogging platform.

So we need to move the section #1 Auto Installer that we had talk above, On this section you will WordPress available there then what you have to do i just click on WordPress to begin of start a blog installation. 

how to start a blog

After you had clicked on the WordPress then it bring you the installation area of WordPress then at buttom left you will Install Now then just click on it after the the screen will switch to installation account details and WordPress installation setting.

At Bellow image you will see the details information of the software installation tha you have to choose and fill out something that is required.

How to start a blog

#1.  There is two options in this section first is the version of the WordPress that you have to pick but just leave it by default, and second is allow to pick the URL I high recommend that you should pick HTTPS on the first drown box and then other leave it as it is.

#2. It the Site Setting that you must fill out such as You site which is your website brand and site description which allow you to write what you website all about.

#3. There things you need to remember because it the security you will use to login in to access to the admin website dashboard for controlling your website. then move to below section.

How to start a blog

#1. Select the language of your blog to be install, #2. Select the plugin which useful so you need to select on of above called Limit Login Attempts (Loginizer) this will help you protect your website someone try login in to.

#3. All are done for now what you have to is just click on the Install button then you WordPress blog are now getting install and you have to wait about 2 minutes to let installation progress to finish up everything.

So now your blog is already started…  

To access you admin dashboard of your website then you will come to the login screen that allow you to enter your user name and password to login to your admin area.

wp login form

After you enter you account details on this form and click on login button then you will be access to your admin panel and then you will see a bunch of menu at the left of your screen.

We will focus on the a post menu and appearance menu the customize your website design and make it looking the way you like.

Custimize Your Blog

Now let’s go to Appearance menu and click on theme and then you will able to choose a theme that available on the WordPress default and you can choose the one you like and apply as main theme of your website.

how to start a blog

But there is a premium theme that you can buy like us we use a premium theme of Astra theme but you can buy  a different theme or if you like the same theme as we use you can buy it from Astra. 

There multiple theme market that you can buy from them and we will list it below to let you buy the professional theme for your website. 

Why premium theme? We use premium theme because it optimized for speed that will speed up your site loading and decrease loading time.

How to Choose the A Great WordPress Theme?

  • Mobile Responsive - It really important because now there are lot of users using to mobile device to view the site so we need to improve website page speed.
  • Speed Optimized - Speed is so important and it impact of your site ranking so you must choose the theme that had speed optimized.
  • SEO Friendly - SEO is really important part of blogging because you need to SEO to get traffic to your website.
  • Customizeable - it is really important because when we start a blog we need to customize your blog the way we like.

So to add new theme you need to go to Appearance > Theme > Add New then you able to upload you new premium theme.

After done with theme now it time to focus on the post which you can share your knowledge throw article and host it on your website. 

Starting Your First Blog Post

start a blog

#1. Title tag – this place is the area that you can enter your article title

#2. Add Media – This button is allow to to add image, video and other media.

#3. Blog article – this area is the place that you can write your article and enter the full of your conten description.

#4. Publish Area – This is the place that you publish your content after you had done of writing, or save as draft if you are not.

#5.  Other – Choose or create a relevant category for your post or upload a featured image.  If you don’t know what tags are then don’t worry about them.

Feel free to thing you like and share them to your reader and make sure your content you should be valued to the reader if you want them to keep coming to your website. 

After you had done on writing the thing you need to is just click on the publish button and then you are now had post the first article on your website.

How to Start A Blog Infographic

How to start a blog infographic

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