How to Use Google Search Console to Increase Traffic to Your site

Ranking on Google is the hard thing that we need to focusing on every time because the internet content getting so competitive, that why webmaster should always focusing on the search engine optimization.

But there is ways that we can getting easy of increase our website ranking position on Google which is using Google Search Console.

As you know search console is a Google indexing webmaster tool that allow all the web master submit the site to let Google index their site for ranking such as article, video, image… etc.

But do you know that Search Console can help you increase your website ranking position?

well, if you that is really good, but if not we will learn how to do that in this article and walking you to easy step of the progress to get your site getting high.

But keep in mind that you must have your website domain authority at less 30 or more to make this method actually work for you.

Why I said this?

Because if you had learn about the search engine optimization (SEO) you may know that domain authority is really important to get the site get good position ranking on search engine.

The more authority score you site has the better of your are…

So let move back to the search console and learn more how to increase our website ranking with this tool



How to use Search Console for SEO?

Google search console is a great tool that we can use to add our site for Google indexing site data and getting ranking on search result and it also help us to increase our website traffic too because it provide the keyword that user searching for in details.


  • Check your Website Ranking
  • Keyword Research
  • Check Website Backlinks
  • Competitor Analyze
  • And more

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I had covered in every steps that we can use Search console to increase traffic to the site or blog with the key phrase that stored in the search queries and use them to integrate them within our content increase search position to benefit from it.

So how to do that and why it help use increase traffic?

Well, It super easy to do that by just going to Google search console and use the data that it provided to improving our search engine optimization for a better one for search engine and let do it do the rest thing.

It so important because it really help to understanding what the users are searching for and use to optimize for the right desire of what they want…

And we will get more traffic from this thing, Because it really work for every site that want to increase more traffic and optimize for what the people are looking for right?  😁

So let do the work…

1. Go to the Google Search Console and click on the Overview menu then you will see the report of your site get from the Google search.

use search console to increase traffic

2. At the top of overview report you will see the Performance section and that what we will working then click on Open Report at the top right.

Use GSC to increase traffic

After click you will see the full report of your site such as total amount of click, impression, and position. and more details report at the bottom.

GSC Performance report


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3. Now at the bottom the graphic chart you will see the keywords that you ranking for, but I want you to click on the Page section then you will see the list of the individual page that you had ranking sorted from the most popular to less.

4. Now click on one of these list of the page you had ranking then you will see new page after I want you to click on the Queries section.

After you will see the list that people are searching for and more details such as what position with that keyword your site had ranked.

Use Google search console to increase traffic

5.  What you had to do is copy all of these keywords and integrate within your content and make it super thorough and update them.

6. You had to choose one of the main keyword then integrate in the title tag and meta description then Google will know that what you page is fully talking about.

Now wait at less 30 days for Google indexing the update and see what you going with your page and it will improving rank position and get more traffic.


Use Google Search Console for SEO is the better ways that we can increase more traffic to our website and get higher ranking position. 

It is really awesome tool that you must focusing on to make your site more visible on the search.

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