Tips on Boosting Blog & Website UX in 2020

With the rise in the digital technologies, there has been greeter improvements in the blogging platforms.This digital era has seen most people and organizations prefer tapping into the tremendous power of the internet for their success.


The internet never sleeps and never forgets; this has made it as powerful as it is. Particularly in business, this power of the internet has driven success of many organizations through marketing.

The use of websites and blogs has been widely used to reach as many potential users as possible while maintaining existing users/customers. To achieve this objective, these users must have awesome experiences while visiting and browsing through content websites and blogs. There are quite a number of ways to do so.

The 4 Ways to Increase Website UX


Solving users’ problems


The aim of blogs and websites in business is targeted marketing which means accurately meet the needs of targeted users. 

Marketers must therefore first identify potential users’ actual needs while collecting relevant information on their values, wants, perceptions, expectations, and contexts of product use. Content planning and creation must be tailored to users’ needs. 

Apart from doing this, the marketing content should be unique. Lastly, if users are yearning to be more at ease while using websites, web designers should simply create user-friendly websites; nothing less but more. 

This best describes a useful blog or website UX  (User Experience) that users deserve. The improved blogging systems should be aimed at solving the user browsing problems. Embarking more on availing quality content for the users to meet their needs.

You should therefore pay more attention to the kind of information required by the users. The entire experience should be based on providing quality content required by the various users.

Blog or website accessibility


There a million of websites on the internet and therefore you need to find better strategies to ensure that more internet users access your website. Ensuring that your blog or your website is easily accessible to the different users. 

Producing quality content may improve your website ranking and in turn making your website easily accessible by more internet users. A UX can thus be achieved by how accessible a blog or website is. Accessibility regards to how high it ranks on search engines. 

This can be achieved through Search Engine Optimization. Aspirant web designers can visit resources to learn and build their SEO skills. Loading speeds also boost blog UXs because they reflect on the ease of content access. 

Content should also be available both online and offline. Web designers must also factor in that disabled individuals also need to access their websites. This adds to the website UX as well.

Visual attraction


Most of website UX involves striving towards appealing to users’ emotions and appreciation. This makes users fondly remember your website or blog and maybe even refer it to other users.

As a result, more traffic is realized. Important visual elements of a blog or website include branding, logos, imaging, fonts, and infographics. Speaking of fonts, Google fonts for websites by Google are some of the best applicable fonts to boost blog UX. 

Web designers must ensure their graphic design game is at the top. First impression can make or kill a blog/website in its initial growth stages.



A way to boost blog UX is to start ensuring that users reading content can perfectly relate to what is being communicated. Users should get the impression that the blogger is also real person. 

While users relate to the blog/web content, their needs must also squarely be met in ways that add value to their lives by solving their problems. Bloggers and web designers cannot afford to disappoint. 

This way, they get to build trust and confide in a blog or website. Relationships based on trust is a sign of great blog website UX.

Great website and blog UX is directly related to good PR. It is very essential and can be achieved through investing in specialized UX audit for successful websites and blogs.

 This strategy is meant to providing quality content to bring various users and also improving your website ranking which would in turn make your website more accessible on the internet. The tips discussed here in should help you improve your blog or website accessibility by the various users

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