What Are LSI Keyword And How to Use It to Drive Traffic

Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) keyword that conceptually in the term that the search engine uses to get a clear understanding of what a webpage is all about.

LSI keyword is the words or phrase that Google and other search engine use to find the right article for showing the searcher.

Why Are LSI Keyword so Important?

In SEO LSI keyword is so important because it let’s Google and other Search Engine to get deeply understanding all about what your content is.

You can use LSI keyword to integrate them within your content to increase search engine visibility. 

Is LSI keyword Still Useful? The short answer is Yes, by including the LSI keyword in your content it really helpful and the best of On Page SEO practice that help your getting better.

How To Find LSI Keyword For Your Content

There are tools that let’s you find the LSI keywords for your content integration and this tool are really great on working of bring the LSI information to you.

There are several ways that you find out the LSI for your new content creation and we’ll walking throw those LSI keyword research tool

1. Google

Google itself also provide LSI keyword that user searching for some keywords then It will appear the relevant LSI keyword on the SERP page…

You always see that while you trying to search for something on Google and It appear one tap which People also Ask add middle and at the bottom one page either. 



google keyword suggestion

There is one more place that Google show up the keyword is at the bottom of the page. 


LSI keyword

So what you have to do just find out the most relevant phrase or keyword that related to your target keyword and integrate it within your content to increase search visibility.

2. LSI Graph

get my website on the first page of Google

LIS graph also the best SEO tool that allow to find the LSI Keyword for your new content, This tool is really easy and simple to use and find the most benefit keyword that you want to rank. 

What you have do on LSI graph is just type in your main target keyword and complete the reCAPTCHA  then click on the generate button so it will bring all the LSI list that related to your main keyword. 

LSI Keyword

In this listing you check out the most popular keyword by seeing the Trend, search volume and more…

It provide really good information of the LSI keyword such as Trend, Search volume, CPC and LSV to let you clearly understand which one you can focus on for your article.

How to Use LSI Keyword the Right Way

keyword research

Now you are understanding what is LSI and now it time to use them within your content the right way.

So today I will covered two different type of using LSI Keywords in your content and details them at the below section.


1. How to Naturally Use them in Content

Here how you can use them naturally within your content and how it fit on yours.
  • Sub Heading - Include it in sub heading the division your content section.
  • Question -Asking question and that have LSI keyword inside.
  • Statements -Give the information in definitive way.

Example: Let’s Imagine if your we using “Best  Football team” as our keyword and try use them in the content.

  • Sub Heading - Best Football team you must know
  • Question -What is the best Football team in the world?
  • Statements -This is the best football team that has win the world cup in 2019.

2. How to Place LSI Keywords  In Your Content

When you know all about the thing of adding LSI naturally then it time to know more about how to place them in your content correctly.

And getting value from adding them to the right place…

  • Adding Two LSIs In every single content: It can be help your search engine optimization getting better.
  • Adding to Heading tag: You can add the to <h2>, <h3> in every single content to optimize it for the search.
  • Adding to Meta Description: By include them in your meta description you can add the relevancy of a page.
  • Adding Image Alt Text: By include them in your image alt text you can add better in a piece of content.


By knowing the LSI and how to use them in the right way is the an SEO better optimization. 

And we also use and include LSI keywords to every single piece of content that we create such this article. 

And I hope you will getting know about it and if you have any question just leave the comment below then we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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