What is Backlink? How To Build More Backlinks

Today we will answer the question about what is backlink? and How you can build more backlinks to your website.

The backlink is just important for your website SEO and it standing for the link from other people website called backlink. Backlink becomes powerful in the SEO industry because of Google Ranking algorithm also measured how many backlinks your website has, and it good backlink or spam backlink.

Then it calculates your ranking listing on their result page. When you want to rank higher on Google you need to optimize your On-page SEO and Off Page SEO but the most important of the Off-page SEO the link building strategy.

What Is Backlink?

The backlink is a link that your website get from another website. Backlink makes a huge impact of the search engine result. So backlink becomes the most powerful of the ranking factor. Search Engine uses multiple ranking fact ors to calculate and give the website ranked on their result page.


Backlink should be natural and safe you cannot build spam backlink which not recommended by the search engine.

So what is backlink

let’s dive right into it…..

Example: Website 1 is a smartphone and it gets a backlink from Website 2 which is mobile apps and review blog or website. This is a valuable, natural, and relevant backlink that Website 1 has gained.

While to the importance of backlinks, there are lots of bad practices because of website owners to gain backlinks. Some of these bad practices are: purchasing backlinks, link exchange networks, selling backlinks.

How To Build More Backlinks

how to build more backlinks

There are lots of ways that you can build more backlink to your website, and today we will walk you to every single step in the ways that you can build more backlink for your website.

So how to build more backlinks to our website?

In this case, we will division to 3 steps that you can build more links to your website and it really values link and effective to your website SEO.

  • Commenting Backlink

Comment Backlink is the best that you can get a good backlink with the relevant niche of your website.

You can leave a comment on another people website and with good words and phrase to make the website owner approval your comment. When you get approved your backlink will gain and the link is a really valuable link for the search engine.

If you don’t know where to find your relevant niche website can use one website that can help you to find the relevant website or blog that are relevant to your website. Dropmylinks this website can help you to find the best commenting website the keyword and your niche.

  • Guest Posting

Guest posting also the best ways that you can build more backlinks, you can give someone else a free guest post and ask for on backlink that is really good strategies to gain more links for your website if you don’t know where you can get the guest posting it really simple just google to social network link facebook and search for the “SEO guest posting” and join those group and you will find the people who are asking for the guest posting requirement.

Another method is you can go to Guest Post Tracker this website will help you to find the website that is allowed the guest post.

  • Build relationship

You can also make more backlink by building a huge relation with another blogger who running the online blog by email them and make the relationship. You can ask them to give you a link on their website and You also can ask your friend or the people you know to give you backlink if possible.

By doing all of these strategies you gain more backlink to your website and those backlinks will be the greatest for your website SEO friendly for the search engine.

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