What is Rich Snippet? How it Important to SEO?

What is Rich Snippet? And How it impacts SEO ranking?

A rich snippet is Schema markup that performance in the search result and we use schema markup to help let Google or the search engine exactly understand what our article all about whether it a product review, article, app, and more…

rich snippet

Why Rich Snippet so Important to your website SEO?

The ways that rich snippet important for our website search ranking or SEO is this plugin help us to create a better snippet that attracts people to increase Click Throw Rate (CTR).

 It is really important to optimize content to get high click throw rate because Google ranking factors also calculate the CTR  then switch the ranking position between high CTR and Low CTR.


It a small thing but it can boost your ranking position and generate you a lot of traffic to your website, You can use this Rich snippet schema markup to make people feel interested in your article adding picture, star rating for recipes and products and much more…

rich snippet

How do I add rich Snippets to my website?

The is a plugin that helps you add a rich snippet to your website if you are using WordPress and we also covered some of the best  WordPress SEO plugins that helps you add the right snippet to your content.

1. Rank Math SEO Plugin

Rank Math is the #1 SEO plugin in 2019 it just comes to the market but it brings lots of SEO requirement feature, this plugin also includes the rich snippet together to help you add schema markup to your article.

You can download this plugin and install it on your website it free and really useful, whether you already using Yoast SEO plugin you also can switch to Rank Math without losing any data on your site with Rank Math setup wizard.

2. Schema Pro

Schema Pro plugin is the best schema markup for your content it is a paid version and it provided a very optimized feature for markup and structured data of your content to let Google exactly understand what everything about of your article.

We also using Schema Pro on our website to add schema markup and structure content for getting high CTR of and increase our search ranking position and this plugin is work very for us on this task.

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