WordPress.com VS WordPress.org – Everything You Need to Know

As WordPress is the most popularity blogging platform, but there are option that you can start blog with WordPress such as WordPress.com which allow you to start your own blog for free and WordPress.org (self host blog) which paid one.

That why it come a lot of question new user struggle about – WordPress.com Vs WordPress.org?

if you new to WordPress and try to search on Google for “WordPress” there are two rank #1 and #2 that make confusing of making decision to use.

Start a blog with WordPress.com is a free but there are limit function that you can use on this free platform such as you can install your own “Plugin” or “theme” and…

WordPress.org is self host your own site which you can do everything you want installing plugin, theme and more…

But it not a problem today we will details all of the feature and the key difference that make you clearly understand for using the right platform to start your blog with.

WordPress.com Vs WordPress.org

The WordPress.com vs WordPress.org is actually the difference who host our site and key difference between features.

With WordPress.org (we recommend this) you host your own site.

With WordPress.com is host you site on other hand which mean you store your site on the third-party maintenance. You start your blog under their subdomain like (www.yoursite.wordpress.com).


It (fee and less freedom) WordPress.com do everything for you. And it the keyword difference between them.


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The cost of WordPress.com vs Wordpess.org


WordPress.com allow you to setup your website for free without worrying about purchasing hosting but there are limitation like:

  • You can only place your site under a subdomain
  • You cannot remove WordPress.com’s own ads and branding from your site
  • You get limited disk space of 3GB
  • You can’t monetize your blog or website
  • You can’t install plugins or any themes that aren’t available on the platform by default
 But if you want upgrade your plan for the commercial purpose you have to pay at less $8 /month plus the custom domain fee which almost $13/year price rank. Meaning you should spend total $109 annually With WordPress.com.
With WordPress.org you can host your site on hosting provider like Siteground and Bluehost with complete functionality use.
  • You can get started at $3.95 / month
  • WordPress will be installed for you automatically
  • Free SSL certificate to make your site secure
  • Secure web hosting
You can getting start hosting your blog with Siteground and WordPress.org with better price with just spend only $63.35 per year with better optimize and fully control functionality of your site.
 It really fast installation of the WordPress and get a complete control such as install any WordPress plugin and themes.
Self hosting is the better ways that you must start with because you can get more freedom to control your site.

Why Choosing WordPress.org?

Choosing WordPress.org as a blogging platform because it give the user of fully control the site functionality and design to make a beautiful website with freedom.

It allow site owner to do many there want with lot of free and paid plugin and theme they would like to use and desire functionality of the work.

WordPress.org is become the most popular blogging platform for every blogger and almost of the blogger use WordPress.org to start their blog.

  • 1 Click Install
  • Easy to use
  • Customizable
  • Freedom of desire
  • Full functionality control
  • Change to any theme you like


WordPress.com vs WordPress.org is the most frequently ask question that most of new blogger wondering to start their blog with this two different platform.

Now you had learn about bout of them and I hope you had clearly know where to start with and choose the right platform with our recommendation.

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